Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 89 yet another good day's skiing

Overnight they were only calling for 13 cms of new snow (the fact I use the adjective "only" indicates just where we are this season) and the temps had fallen so that on the way to the hill it was -5. During the day temps rose to around zero at the base but stayed well below that up the hill so the snow stayed in great shape all day.

It was overcast all day and snowed to a greater or lesser extent all day until late afternoon when we got a sudden an unexpected clearing of conditions in the last hour of skiing. I would imagine there was an accumulation of around 5cms which when added to the overnight snow gave great skiing conditions. The base was recorded at 287 cms but with the new snow we must be getting close to the 3 metre party. This being a mid week Monday there was hardly anyone on the hill.

We went to the Old Side first. Unfortunately as today was my Irish buddy's final day skiing I had a few beers in the bar (my first for 8 days) so my recollection of what we skied is a bit hazy. I skied all day without a break and my recollection is as follows but there may be a few mistakes -
Snake Ridge/ KC Chutes - all untracked and very soft and deep face shots all the way down
Gorby Bowl - even softer and deeper than Snake, awesome face shots.
Boom Ridge - super deep untracked powder on the ridge by Linda's run which meant only a couple of turns all the way down. Trees to the right of the ridge in the lower section were deep and hardly tracked
Steep and Deep - we hit the mid line which was untracked and then rolled the drop into the left hand chute which was super mellow.

All exits were through Kangaroo which was skiing very soft and mellow, We also used Boom or Bear Chutes which were also very easy soft deep skiing. We headed to the New Side.

Anaconda/Diamond Leg trees -  really deep and untracked in the far Anaconda chutes and the trees as awesome as ever.

I'm afraid I can't remember everything else but I did hit all the tight Knot Far chutes (Slim, Thin and Jim) and they were all awesome. other runs that were absolutely fantastic were Triple Trees, Gotta Go, Cougar Glades and Spinal Tap. Polar Peak had been open in very poor viz and I had skied Papa Bear which was actually rather better viz than you would have expected and totally awesome and deep snow conditions.

Towards the end of the day the skies cleared a little and I went up Polar and hit Spirit Bear which had not been skied much, of at all day - fantastic deep untracked snow all the way down. I hit Low Saddle which against all odds was skiing ok with no ice or rocks, After the right cut into the chutes the skiing was about as good as it gets with deep untracked lines, A cut across Easter Bowl to Spinal Tap which was soft and lightly tracked was a great finish to a great run.

Last run down Skydive was good and fast with Brad, me and Paul all finishing the rip about at the same time (ok I was a turn behind) making for one of the best run offs of the season. More snow forecast so another early night for me.

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