Sunday, February 26, 2017

Day 81 Awesome, awesome, awesome

The heading says it all. Three awesomes on my scale (which only goes up to three) should tell anyone that today was one of the top ten days of skiing ever. Overnight we had 35/40 cms of fresh snow which came down at around -8 which is near enough the perfect temperature to get powder snow. All day temps stayed well below zero, around -5 at the base and -9 up the mountain so the snow which fell overnight stayed in great shape. During the day it was overcast and even gave us some more new snow (perhaps 3 cms) which was welcome but didn't add that much to the awesome conditions of the day.

I didn't go to the Old Side but everyone who did told me that it was just as good as the New Side. We lined up a good 15 minutes before first chair and as a result got early tracks up Timber and White Pass. As the rolling openings developed we skied Surprise Trees, Anaconda Glades, and Bootleg Left. All were untracked and awesome deep powder with continual over the head face shots. Actually for the rest of the day it should be taken as read that everywhere had loads of untracked lines and face shots.

After the initial runs we tried Gotta Go and trees beyond Bootleg which as far as I know don't have a name and of course had fantastic skiing. Next time up Currie Bowl had opened and shortly afterwards so did Polar Peak. A special mention has to go to Ski patrol who by 11:30 had got the whole hill open which with this much snow is an outstanding performance. I spent the rest of the day looping the New Side with no breaks until the end of the day.

Polar Peak was windy and the light was not great but the skiing in the Polar Chutes was super soft and deep and well worth a visit every loop. For the rest of the time we skied, Skydive, Decline, Cougar Glades (including the left drop into the disused logging trail) The Brain, Lone Fir, Touque Chutes, Spinal Tap, Nameless Trees, Cobra Rock, Triple Trees and Window Chutes. No need to say it but all were super deep lightly tracked powder. The only disappointment was the exit of Cobra Rock which was very icy and scrappy but after the choke it was supper deep and soft.

Run of the day in my view was Nameless Trees (the trees between Skydive and Stag Leap) which was so deep that you could more or less straight line parts of the trees and ski lines that would not normally be possible. The creek bed lower down was lightly tracked and great skiing and the trees on either side were fun to jump into where the tree falls across the creek blocked the path.

Last run was Skydive where 8 of us turned up for a rip and had a great time in the soft snow all the way down. In the Griz it was busy with everyone pumped up after a day like this and Sunday was as always my one day of the week when beer was drunk. That may account for the rather disjointed and rather brief report for tonight so I apologise in advance. tomorrow is another day.

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