Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 21 A really short report

We are just about to head out for Christmas dinner with our buddies Ruth and Dan which we are having a few days early to fit Dan's work schedule at the mine. Any minute now the taxi will pick us up so this is super short.

No new snow over night. Temps were cooler at -3 on the way to the hill and -4 on the drive back. Up the mountain it was around -6 most of the day but overcast with flat light and no really exceptional conditions. The cooler temps and wind had formed a thin crust on the latest snow so that where it was untracked we tended to just about stay on top and where it was tracked up already it was very hard and chunky, and rather hard work.

We went to the Old Side and tried Steep and Deep and Snake Ridge which were chopped up chunky snow but ok skiing. Boom Ridge was nice firm bumps taking an edge and Kangaroo was soft except where a load of users has side slipped the left chute onto the cat track where it was scrapped out.

On the New Side the Saddles opened and Corner pocket looked trashed down to the tires only an hour after opening - side slippers again. We hit Lone Fir (soft in chute firm untracked below) High Saddle (tight edge to edge jumping but taking a good edge and firm untracked below) Low Saddle (Icy in the top but ok) and the chute beyond Lone Fir which was very deep and some tight steep sections. We repeated all day several times and hit Skydive which was chopped up but ok for a finish.

Looking forward to the next snow cycle tomorrow.


  1. Loving your blog. First time in Fernie in mid Jan. Learning a lot about the place from you. Thanks