Friday, February 26, 2016

Day 78 much more spring skiing

Yes, today was really a full on spring skiing day with temps starting and -7 and rising to +7 at the base by mid afternoon. It was a bluebird day with no snow and in general terms exactly the kind of day we would love in late March but in mid February I personally have my doubts.

We went to the Old Side and looped Cedar Ridge,New Lift line. King Fir, Boom Ridge, Boom Bowl, Bear Cave Chutes etc. We stayed on all the north facing slopes and the skiing was excellent in some crisp un-sun affected snow. I did my good deed on Boom Ridge by skiing a lost ski down to a guy who had stacked it from quite a long way up so I am expecting something good to be happening to me quite soon under the rules of karma.

I made 6 returns through Kangaroo which was skiing just about ok for the Roo but did have a lot of moose tracks in there. Maybe it was a lot of kangaroo tracks in the Moose, I am not sure - just kidding, We did consider pushing out to Snake Ridge but we were unconvinced that it would be any better than what we had been skiing so we just kept rolling the Old Side up until lunch. We ran down through Bear Chutes which were in great shape being out of the sun.

In the afternoon we went to the New Side where temps were +5 at the White Pass load and only just minus temps in Polar Peak. After a few laps involving the Knot Chutes (Jim) which was super soft we went to Polar peak for a few laps. Papa Bear and Mama Bear were great skiing in soft firm snow which was taking an edge. As always the penalty for making a mistake up there was a severe slide from top to bottom.

We had a couple of run to base and I think that Easter was the best run in North facing snow which held a nice edge. The whole theme of the day was to either hit slopes early if they were south facing and starting to soften or north facing later in the day when you wanted something that hadn't been sun affected, For the most part we were successful.

The summary for the day was that things got very hot and in the direct sunlight the surfaces became very soft. Away from the sun the surfaces stayed in ok shape even on the lower hill. Tomorrow may be a different story.

Last run was Skydive which skied ok all the way down although I seemed to be gifted with not finding the best line particularly in the top. tomorrow we may have some precip on a cooling trend but who knows what we might actually get.

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