Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 76 another quick report

The reason for today's quick report is that we are off to watch a hockey game. The Riders lost 6-0 last night in their first round playoff game against the Nitros so we are hoping for something better tonight from our home game but to be honest I am not over optimistic. None the less we will have to get there early as this is play off hockey.

Overnight there was no new snow and it was cold and clear. The result was that on the way to the hill this morning we had temps of -9 but a bluebird day all day so that base temps were up at +4 for a time around early afternoon. The good news was that we appeared to have dodged the bullet on any warm up as a cool wind kept everything in very good shape. Even on the last run skiing out over the top of Concussion where you would normally expect to find sun softened snow starting to set up there were no problems. the snow just stayed in good shape all day.

We went to the New Side as we had been promised openings off Polar Peak. We were not disappointed as we got the Currie Head Wall which I didn't ski as I was skiing the Polar Chutes with Lynda which was her first time of skiing them since her op - next snow cycle I will be up there. Polar Peak was open and due to a very clever opening by ski patrol involving closing left side Papa Bear and Barely Legal and Grand Papa Bear as they were so icy we actually got great deep soft skiing in all the other chutes. Great work by ski patrol and some really clever thinking on where the good snow would be. Perhaps more people would have been happier if the lower parts of Shale Slope had been closed as it was icy and really sucked just like yesterday but these things always need a bit of fine tuning.

We looped the chutes over and over again getting great skiing in Papa, Mama and Baby Bear chutes which were all soft and deep skiing. We had one run to base through Alpha Centauri and another through Easter Bowl which skied very mellow with soft bumps before it was time for lunch.

After lunch we looped more times off Polar running to base through Decline/Window Chutes which were good soft bumps and only a bit scratchy in the chokes and Stag Leap which skied very soft and deep all the way down.

We had load of skiing in White Pass through Knot Chutes which remain in good shape and then it was time for Skydive. Just like all of the Big 3 it was very good soft skiing until the final pitch which was a little scratchy. In summary it was great bluebird day in really good snow all over the hill and particularly in the Polar Chutes which have been closed for some time.

Time for the good old hockey game.

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