Monday, February 8, 2016

Day 60 maybe our luck is starting to run out

Today we had another no snow day with some sunshine forecast. Over the past few days we have got away with it as it has been overcast and cold overnight temps have meant that the snow has stayed in ok shape ever since last Thursday's big snow dump. Today started with some promise as it was overcast but unfortunately the cloud cover cleared and we had sun from late morning to early afternoon when it became obscured buy the mountain cloud cover. The result was that we started to get sun damage all aver the hill and although it was not to bad I fear much worse to come looking at the forecast for the next few days.

On the way to the hill it was -2 and at the base only warmed to about +2 by the afternoon. There was supposed to be a big inversion but I have to say I didn't really see it much as all day temps were at or about zero all over the hill although much warmer in the direct sunlight.

We went to the Old Side and did sifted loops in Snake and Steep and Deep. The lower sections of Steep and Deep was really sun affected with sun balls starting to roll. All the rest of the skiing was ok soft snow only lightly tracked, As the morning wore on we tracked Cedar Ridge, Boomerang. Sunny Side Shoulder, Boom Ridge all of which were skiing ok in soft wind sift, All returns were through Kangaroo which of course was tricky icy bumps and as a result loads of fun.

After an excellent lunch a Big Bang Bagels we headed up to the New Side, The afternoon worked out as -
White Pass loop - ok soft snow skiing in good viz
Cougar Glades/Stag Leap - very tricky in the glades where I think sift had been sun affected and then set up giving some challenging skiing.
Decline - some of the best skiing we found in soft snow as the run faced away from the sun.
Lone Fir - actually rather nice skiing in the chute. Below the cushion was rather crusty on the left but good sift on the right.
Touque Chutes/Spinal Tap - this was where we figured the snow had been blown to in the wind sift and up to a point we were right. The chutes were soft blow in and good skiing but very varied as you would expect.

We did a couple of runs up to Mitchy Chutes which were pretty good but most noted for a mega stack by me when I confused some surface wind blown fir with a buried branch on a fallen tree. Glad to say I recovered after only a medium length head first pitch down the chute. I had considered going up Polar Peak which was open but a buddy confirmed that only the Coaster Side was open and that was very ugly, a good call by me not to go. The wind was starting to get pretty strong as the day wore on and I dare say that we may get some wind sift in places tomorrow.

Last run down Skydive was particularly good as the run showed signs of wind grooming, at least in the top. A few beers in the Griz and then far more beers later and hence this rather curtailed report. I promise to do much better tomorrow. Looking out of the deck temps are down around -2 here in the valley so the un-sun affected snow on the hill should stay that way for at least one day more. Here's hoping that things don't get any worse.

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