Friday, December 25, 2015

Day 15 Merry Christmas Everyone

Just a very brief report tonight as we have just had about the best day's skiing on the hill imaginable and we are waiting for the taxi to go to our good buddies Dan and Ruth for Christmas dinner - UK readers please not this is something that happens in the evening in Canada.

What a day. Overnight we had another 10 cms of snow on top of all of the powder that came down over the past two days. The result was that everything was filled in and where we hadn't skied over the past two days the powder was bottomless. Temps overnight dropped to -15 and never got above -10 during the day anywhere on the hill. Driving back from the hill it was -16 which suggests another cold night but with the snow staying in great shape. The viz improved so that we had a bluebird day most of the morning and just a little light haze in the afternoon. This meant we could really rip the areas that were poor viz yesterday (Polar Peak) in the improved light.

In summary we had a cold bluebird day in great new snow conditions and hardly anyone on the hill. What more could anyone want from a Christmas present.

I had a couple of rips round White Pass which was all deep hero snow and then they opened Polar Peak. I got second tracks in Grand Papa Bear which were spectacular ant then just looped that, Papa Bear and just once Barely Legal. The chutes out of Barely legal were the only bad skiing on the hill being super icy and well worth avoiding. As Polar became tracked I ran to base through Mamma Bear and the Skydive which was hardly tracked and very deep in the top.

I looped around the Big Three with particularly good skiing in Touque Chutes and Spinal Tap. Last run before lunch was a ride up Polar for Baby Bear (awesome) then a hike up Lone Fir (even more awesome) and then a cut across to Spinal Tap which was still deep and trying to take you out with your own slough.

After lunch I hit Gotta Go/ Bootleg Glades - lost for words on how good and deep the snow was. Knot Chutes - deep but getting scratchy in the Tight Knot. Then Triple Trees which was probably the deepest snow on the hill as no one had skied it due to the dubious exit. As It was I dropped on the Trespass Trail with no major incident after getting spectacular deep untracked skiing all the way down

Last rip one hour early down Skydive was still deep and soft. I have probably fogoten a few runs but the taxi is here. Merry Christmas

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