Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day 118 Hotdog Day

A very late report - in fact I am sitting up in bed the next morning having my coffee before heading up for Day 119.

We actually has some new snow plus some blow in up on the New Side giving some dust on crust skiing which was ok, a bit deeper in some places. It was quite cold (just above zero) and windy. Luckily my retro one piece was still as warm as ever (good old Killy quality) and double lucky as the precip that did come down came down as ice pellets and not rain up on top - the old suit may be warm but it's about as water proof as a coffee filter.

After an ok mornings skiing in White Pass we had beers in Lost Boys café before running to lunch via a pretty icy Easter bowl. The only reason we have the beers there every Hot Dog Day is to emphasise the contradiction of everyone being searched to make sure that they are not taking alcohol up the hill while the hill themselves are more than happy for you to have all the beer you want at Lost Boys - could the six and a half bucks a can price have anything to do with it I wonder ?

In a huge break from tradition the Hot Dog party and jump was on the New Side half way down Hot Chocolate. The simple reason for this is that there is no snow on the traditional party location on the Old Side at Wallaby. A great party with some of our own beer followed by a final run back down Easter - the sun even came out for a while.

More beers and shots in the Gtiz before heading home for more Jameson's Irish Whiskey, no wonder today is a slow start.

As an aside I lost my pass yesterday, no, I don't mean the hill pulled it, I actually looked down and noticed it was missing. I just want to make it clear that this was nothing to do with the beers we had drunk, the pass must have just snapped and flown off somewhere on the hill. Guest Services were super helpful in fixing another one and the only problem appears to be that when checked the pass showed I was on Day 1 - still we all know better, don't we ?

As a further aside I have just got the stats for  the web site for last month and I am happy to say it was new record by a big margin with 16,540 hits on the blog in the month. You don't have to be a mathematical genius to work out that this is over 500 hits per night. Hits go way down at the weekend as most followers are also skiers and they don't need to read what's going on when they are here. My record day was during the last good snow cycle which happened mid week and I guess everyone wanted to know what conditions were really like - nearly made 1000 hits in the day.

It has now reached the point where I am getting commercial interest in allowing advertising. Everyone may rest assured that this will never happen. I never have and never will accept cash payments, free or reduced price goods and services or any other form of payment in exchange for favourable mentions in the blog. I will always continue to give praise where it is deserved and chastisement where it is needed based on my own view of the world and nothing else.

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