Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 23 what is better than awesome ?

The reason I ask the question is that having described yesterday's skiing as awesome where do I go today in terms of descriptive pros. We had another 30 cms in 24 hours pushing the base to 398 cms which I am willing to bet will be the peak for this season - pity to miss the 4 metre party by 2 cms but there you go. It was -6 on the deck this morning and up the hill it was about -10 and we had light snow all the way through to lunchtime but after that it started to clear up and was so bluebird by the end of the day that we were able to watch the heli bombing of Lizard Ridge from the Griz Bar as we necked down some well deserved beers. Even though the sun came out and there was some softening in the direct sunlight there was no atmospheric warming so temps up the mountain stayed below -4 and even at the base it was -2 as we drove away from the hill.
I was demoing some DPS Wailer 112 RPs today provided by Straight Line and as a result I went to the New Side with the intention of skiing everything I skied yesterday but on the new skis so as to get some kind of comparison with my old Shoguns. I don't intend to dwell on the subject but I have never fell in love with a pair of skis so quickly, they were just awesome in every condition I could find today from deep powder to scratchy chokes. To be fair in the morning you could have skied with two planks strapped to your feet and had a good time but as the day wore on the conditions proved more testing and the skis showed that they were up to anything I wanted to do. Proof of the pudding is that I bought a pair tonight from the excellent Straight Line who have pulled out all the stops to have the skis ready for me tomorrow morning - kudos guys.
Today was a replay of yesterday except that the new snow fell on the soft snow base of yesterday and not the hard snow base of the day before. The result was awesome soft powder skiing at it's best. The New Side opening was just like yesterday  with a Heartland core first then a Knot/chute /Surprise Trees phase. During this time we tracked all over the open areas with some really deep powder. For whatever reason not too many people seemed to be going in the Knot chutes and we had some super deep loops in all the chutes. Surprise Tress had loads of good untracked lines.
When they opened Anaconda I happened to be on top of the Knot chutes and saw that they had opened Gotta Go. Due to blasting this was a little scratchy in the choke but above and below it was just awesome deep untracked powder. The exit through an untracked Bootleg Glades didn't suck either.
After that they opened Currie bowl just below the low traverse so you could get to everything if you were prepared to work. Yesterday I skied 9-4 with no break and was determined not to do the same again today but as my granny said "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" mind you she was barmy and we had to have her locked up. Today I skied 9-4 with no break. the rest of the day was just loops out to the big three with Cougar Glades (untracked lines and awesome) The Brain (ditto) Stag Leap (getting tracked but good) Decline (good soft tracked snow with face shots) Decline/Window Chutes (great skiing in the top trees and soft in the chute, scratchy down below) Secret chutes/Spinal Tap (surprisingly deep and untracked) the trees between Skydive and Stag Leap ( tracked but very deep snow) Easter Bowl (really nice soft tracked snow all the way down)
As the end of the day approached we took a loop in White Pass to burn off the time and came back through Tight Knot and Surprise Trees which were both in very good shape considering the traffic of the day. On the subject of traffic things had started slowly this morning but picked up during the day, I think this was due in part to the usual Friday crowd from Calgary being delayed by a traffic advisory in Southern Alberta last night and them only getting to Fernie around lunch time.
Last run was a rip down Skydive as usual in soft tracked snow from top to bottom. Considering this was my second day in a row 9-4 skiing I was pretty please to make Skydive in one with no breaks - I think the legs are coming back. A great days's skiing and beers in the bar.
Tomorrow promises to be ugly busy with weekend crowds fired up by reports of new snow plus the start of spring break in Calgary. For my part I will be out trying the new skis and waiting for a quieter time next week.

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