Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 18 an awesome day despite all signs to the contrary

Ok, so what were the signs to the contrary ? When we woke this morning it started raining and I don't mean light rain, it was coming down in stair rods which is not a good omen for a days skiing. On the way to the hill things were a little encouraging in that the temp was +2 going down to +1 as we arrived which suggested to us that we wouldn't have to go too far up the hill before the rain turned to snow. We were right and although we were kitted out in full rain gear by the time we got to White Pass (well, we were only going to go up the New Side and get high and stay high) the rain had turned to heavy snow.
It snowed all day in White Pass with a heavy sort of graupel which gave a great skiing base and with so much body to the snow that we floated on top all the time in powder which just got deeper as the day went on. My guess is that at least 20 cms of snow fell today up top and adding that to yesterday's tally gave us great powder skiing with no chance of touching the base at any time.
The Knot Chutes were open for the first time in a week which was a bit surprising as the snow that was sliding out of them was huge, with thigh deep sloughs being there to surf on every descent. We had decided to stay in White Pass with no runs to the base due to rain below so just like a week or so ago we looped through Knot Chutes all morning. We tracked from the Cheese Grater to Simons Crack and beyond and back again several times as we hit the chutes over and over again all morning. It was awesome with super deep soft snow rolling down with you so much that on our first three loops we tried to stop on the Idiot Traverse but were push way below by our own slough and had to run down the I bowl which was still good untracked powder.
We completed our loops through Surprise Trees or Triple Trees, always working out to get untracked snow although the fall rate was so much that even where we had skied our tracks were filled in. Add in the fact that most people had seen the conditions at the base and gone home and we had the conditions to give us all day untracked skiing in deep powder with not many people around. Things were so good that we stayed in White Pass until well gone 1:30 and then headed down for a late lunch. Just before we headed down they closed Currie bowl due to avi risks in the Currie Chutes so we took Anaconda which was spectacular deep powder and Bootleg Glades which were good deep untracked snow in the top but getting a bit chunky lower down.
In the afternoon I headed back to White Pass and found the rain line was higher so that the lower part of White Pass was now a bit heavy. I got back in the Knot Chute/Surprise Trees cycle and had increasingly deep good powder all afternoon. Just before close I decided that there are only so many ways you can ski Knot Chutes (double black diamond or not) and so I hit the Gun bowl and the pillows a couple of times and had some epic deep snow runs as everyone else seemed to be going off the hill.
My last run was Knot Chutes (still super deep and sliding on me) Triple Trees which were good but getting heavy so that I only did the first two sections. Final run out was Diamond Back (well, with Currie Closed Skydive wasn't an option) which was tracked up heavy mush but ok. The Griz Bar was good fun particularly as a couple of beers had been put in for me by a buddy who had left his transceiver and car keys in the locker room this morning and I had handed them in to guest services - thanks Richard,
Forecast is for a cooling trend and precip so I am feeling pretty optimistic.

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