Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Listen Up

Ok you guys so here is the news. We have just got back from the hospital where we got the results of Lynda's latest scan. The word is that there are now no active cells and all signs of her Lymphoma have disappeared - the best possible news we could have got.

As a result we have booked flights to Canada landing in Calgary on Tuesday afternoon. I guess it will take a day to sort out stuff (like insurance for the truck etc) although with buddies staying in the house this week I hope that it won't be too much work to get things up and running.

With any luck we should start skiing next Thursday and then every day for the rest of the season which should give about 50 days skiing give or take. The blog should start again Thursday evening with normal service after that so all followers get prepared for the usual mix of news, factual reporting, idle speculation and ill informed opinions.

Can't wait to get there.


  1. Fantastic news on every level. Have a great time. CU

  2. Great news for Lynda , Bill must be a huge relief and just in time to hit Fernie with best conditions of the season so far