Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lynda Update

So the season has kicked off in Fernie without us for the first time in 10 years. By the sound of it the coverage is good but the conditions are pretty variable - at least rather more variable than the official reports would have you believe. Yesterday was a -30 day with wind chills up to -40 so perhaps not being out on the hill is no bad thing at the moment.

The news from us is that Lynda completed her 6 cycles of chemo at ever increasing strengths until she finished at, what we are told, is a record level of 205% of normal. The side effects were pretty awful but a short stay in hospital soon put her right.

The good news is that following a PET scan last week it appears that the chemo has done it's job and the lymphoma has been killed off with no cells remaining as "hot". We aren't out of the woods yet as things could kick off again but for the time being the news is just as good as it can get. She now has to go for regular scans and as long as she remains clear for 2 years then the chances of it all coming back are pretty remote.

Our plans now are to wait until the next scan in mid Feb and assuming that is all ok we will be heading out to Fernie for the remained of the season. So, watch this space and be ready for normal service to be resumed some time towards the end of Feb.

In the meanwhile have a great Christmas and New Year and leave some of the white stuff for us when we get there.

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