Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 52 - a short one

That of course is the report and not the day which was of usual 9-4 length. The reason for the short report is that we have necked down a totally unreasonable amount of beer after skiing and I can hear my buddies Rob and Katie arriving downstairs for even more beer.

No new snow and we went to the Old Side because Timber chair wasn't going to run until 11. It actually shut down again at 2:30 because of "multiple problems" so watch this space to see if we actually get any New Side skiing at all.

It was overcast but with bluebird times and some valley fog. Temps were -15 on the way to the hill  but came up to -6 during the day. There was an inversion but with the ridge line winds the wind chill meant that it just felt cold everywhere.

We ripped around the Old Side and just like yesterday it was hard packed but smooth. The exception was Kangaroo which of course was hard bumpy and ugly and to my mind the best skiing on the hill. As Timber opened we went to the New Side and found hard packed snow everywhere with little or no sift and Polar Peak closed due to high winds. We had several runs down the Currie Chutes and Stag Leap which was just as described.

After lunch I went to the New Side for more loops but only managed a Cougar Glades/Stag Leap, Decline/Window chutes (all these hard and tough hard pack) and a loop on Siberia Ridge which was a bit softer. Then Timber Chair shut down and it was back to the Old Side.

I decide to hit out to the the area fence and dropped Gorby Bowl for the first time this year which was firm but nice sking, a bit slick above the cliff band so you didn't want to make a mistake then the left right shuffle to avoid the worst of the cliff was pretty ok. I exited with the fourth run the through Kangaroo of the day and I can only say what I have said before - if your technique is good it's fun and if not then it's your own problem.

With New Side access to Skydive denied the only way to get in for our traditional finish was side step up from Easter bowl, just like the Old Days. I got in just in time to link up with my buddies for the final rip.

It's a pity that space and alcohol prevents me giving full vent to my feelings on the over grooming of runs that is taking place at the moment. Today they groomed Boom Ridge which is crazy - that should be a tough icey bump run all year. There is a serious side to this in that the ridge is designated double black diamond in several places and my granny could have skied it today - and she's dead. People skiing that will go to Polar Peak tomorrow, see the signs saying "Double black runs only" think they can ski them and the result is inevitable.

That's it - off to drink beer.

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