Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 24 no new snow

Sure, we had no new snow over night but we still have had 156 cms in the past 7 days and the base is 240 cms so it isn't all bad - I guess we all knew it had to stop snowing sometime.

It was cold overnight and it was -12 on the way to the hill. They said there was another inversion today but It didn't feel like it and so by the afternoon the base temps may have risen to about -8 but up top it was a lot colder. The skies cleared to bluebird and for a couple of hours the whole thing had the feel of an arctic outflow. It is telling that Polar Peak chair was closed all day due mainly to the freezing temps and wind chill up there.

We decided that as it was Christmas Eve we would have a lazy day - that is mentally in not trying to work out the best runs not physically where the day proved to be quite tough. I spent the day on the New Side just looping out along the Reverse Traverse and dropping runs off Skydive top and the surrounding areas. The skiing was all in tracked powder which was a little chunky having been dried out by the cold temps - that having been said it was still soft deep tracked powder everwhere.

The morning was - Skydive, Surprise Trees, Stag Leap, Decline/Window Chutes, Knot Chutes, Surprise Trees and Skydive. The only things of note other than the very nice tracked powder everywhere was the log drop in Window Chutes which had filled in to almost nothing and the dip above Currie Creek which was getting very deep indeed. It was a close run thing for best run between Stag Leap which always stays a bit less tracked because of the trees at the top and Window Chutes which stays in great shape for much the same reason.

In the afternoon it was just a repeat with Concussion, Stag Leap, Secret Chutes (rather chunky) Surprise Trees and of course the final run down Skydive. Conditions stayed good in the very cold temps and the few people who had been on the hill earlier had gone so we were back to having our own private ski hill and making the most of it before the rush starts on Boxing Day. Best of all was that the dip on the far side of the bridge at Currie Creek had been shovelled in  (thanks Tyler) so that the trip across to Skydive was now a pretty easy ride.

Christmas Eve drinks in the bar with buddies and then back home to do this report before having a hot tub and beer in -16 temps. Christmas is shaping up well and I am looking forward to tomorrow's traditional morning only on the hill follwed by Christmas dinner. Apologies for the shortness of this report but Christmas calls.

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