Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 115 Another short report

This time the short report isn't due to me and Rob celebrating his upcoming wedding but thanks to Shaw Communications who lost my internet connection for me (and several million others I believe) all yesterday. The result is having to dash off this note just before heading off to the hill today.

As it was a short report is all that is needed. The high rain line on the hill froze overnight giving some of the ugliest breakable crust I have ever skied on. Most of the hill was closed by patrol not because of avi danger but because of a genuine fear that people would hurt themselves.

Going high to the New Side in overcast conditions and flurries (some pretty hard in the afternoon) looked the only bet and from what I heard from the Old Side that was a good call. Currie bowl was closed amid much whinging from the ignorant due to the conditions. My suggestion would be that anyone not happy should have tried Surprise Trees (which I only tried once) which was the same elevation as much of Currie and was all but unskiable breakable crust. I had one long trip down Surprise jumping every turn and never went back.

All day we just looped Knot Chutes and the chutes just out beyond Firey Hornet which by a combination of elevation and skier traffic stayed in ok shape - we must have dropped Knot Chutes about 20 times during the day and even allowing for the fact that the massive snow base (still arouns 430 cms) has given you many options not usually available it did get a bit repetitive. Still, it was good skiing in April so that has to be a result.

We left the hill in winter conditions with wet snow falling at the base in almost blizzard conditions. Can't wait to see what today holds.

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