Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 102 an ok new side day

We had a bit of a slow start as we were saying goodbye to our buddies last night and the Jameson's Irish Whiskey did flow rather freely. The day started clear and cold at -3 with no new overnight snow. the forcasters were calling for cloud with flurries so predictably we had a bluebird day with temps getting up to +8 although to be fair it did cloud over towards the end of the day.

As has been the usual practice we headed for the New side and dropped Lift line finding that the out of the sun faces were not at all bad. Gun bowl and Highline Trees were also ok. For a change we looped 1-2-3s and Bootleg glades both of which were ok as north facing slopes covered in winter snow.

After that we had time for three loops through the Saddles, always returning through the skiers left side of Easter bowl which remained just a soft and good winter conditions as it did yesterday -
High Saddle - a bit firmer than yesterday so actually better for edge to edge turning but the snow underneath the chute a bit chunky and the crown drops not so steep.
Lone Fir - Great soft lightly tracked snow in the main chute and then even better snow on the ski out under the chute particularly on the right hand side.
One Step Beyond - the name I have given to the chute one beyond Lone Fir with the right cut into the tight steep chute. The best snow on the hill with only a couple of tracks and the snow so deep that you could jump onto the shoulders and back into the chutes all the way down.


After lunch we were back to the New side for another great loop through One Step Beyond. After that it was a try out on Stag Leap which was great in the top but rather crunchy in the lower sections.

Back to Lone Fir for yet another drop which was just as good as before. All this having to climb Cornice Ridge to get to the Lone Fir/ OSB area did slow down the number of times we could put in loops but it was well worth it, great soft snow all the way through the chute again. Finished with the usual rip down Skydive which was quite soft an bumpy at the top getting a little more chunky and down right crusty in the final pitch.

Somewhere in there we managed a couple of drops down Mitchy chutes taking Randy's line and the snow remained very soft and good.

Lots of beer in the Griz then an early night. Still not real spring skiing and maybe more winter snow to come.

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