Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 101 Don't believe everything you are told.

We got to the hill with temps of around zero at the base and significant minus temps up the hill. The official web site said that there had been no snow overnight and the advice we got from the ski hosts was that the hill was frozen ugly and we should stick to the groomers. I am delighted to say that both the information and the advice proved wrong.

As we headed up the New side it certainly looked like new snow and the drop down Lift Line confirmed about 4 cms of good jersey cream powder which was enough to smooth out even the worst south facing refrozen crud from yesterday and on any slopes that faced even a little away from south to give great spring powder skiing. I feel sorry for the visitors who only have the official sources of information and as a result might have missed out on one of the great days of the season.

We hung out on White Pass looping Surprise Trees, Highline Trees, Gun bowl, and a few other bits which were all mostly untracked and very soft mellow skiing. We then went to Anaconda and put the first tracks down there in good powder. Amazingly we came back and did second and third tracks with no sign of anyone else getting out there - perhaps they were following the official line. Each exit to the base was via Bootleg Glades which were also soft and untracked. Somewhere in there Lynda went via 1-2-3s and said they were also untracked - where was everyone?

We then hit out to Secret chutes and found these to be untracked and soft down to Freeway. At that point we were getting ready for lunch and then they opened the Saddles for the first time in several weeks and that was it for the rest of the day, we just dropped different Saddles all the rest of the day always looping back to base by left side Easter bowl which seemed to be lightly used and very nice soft powder. The best thing about the Saddles was that the avi fracture lines underneath gave you the chance to fly them at a height of your choice ranging from 4ft to 6ft+, no prizes for guessing what we took.

Corner Pocket (twice) - great run through with no sign of the tires. Soft snow underneath and some nice air.
High Saddle (three times) - the most mellow it has ever been but with the biggest drops into the bowl, awesome.
Low Saddle - ok but a little sun affected.
Lone Fir - best it has been all season with amazing soft snow all untracked underneath the chute.
Somewhere in there we managed a couple of really good lines through Mitchy chutes and even found time to show my buddy Nick the line to hock off the top of Hollywood Rock this being his last day of the season - landed it fine (me at least).

Good party back at the house tonight as a farewell to Nick and Bethan, hot tub, beer etc.

Total crap shoot as to what tomorrow will bring.

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