Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 62 It's amazing what some blow in can do

As promised the warm up came and we went to the hill in temps of -2 which stayed pretty consistant at the top of the hill but rose to about +3 at the bottom. Two things helped the general snow conditions. Firstly as a result of the raging wind conditions yesterday particularly on the Old side there was some quite amazing blow in to be had on the North West facing slopes. Also we actually had some flurry/snow activity that lasted for about 2 hours and gave up some pretty good grappel and fill in snow during that time. As a result the snow base has now risen to around 250 cms.

Following a hunch we went to the Old side anticipating that most of the blow in would have come in Boom bowl and we weren't disappointed. Huge soft wind grooming in Boom bowl which was mostly untracked, we then dropped off the Goat track into Buckshot which was totally untracked.

For the rest of the morning we spent our whole time in the Old side triangle - Cedar ridge 4 different ways, King Fir twice, Linda's Boom bowl a couple of times etc. In completing the loops back we always came back through Kangaroo (five times). Overall the snow was deep and for the most part untracked, or at least very lightly tracked and as it turned out excellent quasi powder skiing. At one time we were going to head out on the Cedar traverse to try Steep and Deep/Fish bowl but found the traverse just being closed because of the cornice loadings in cedar knob due to the high winds - we just diverted into yet another Cedar ridge loop.

After lunch we headed over to the New side where parts were starting to be fenced off for the junior free ski competition this weekend. We drifted off along the County Line which we had some trouble finding in the very socked in conditions at the top of White Pass - a three chair day (only three chairs visible in front of you). Loops on Cougar Glades, Concussion, Stag Leap, Secret Chutes/Spinal Tap, The Brain (particularly fun in the stream bed) and of course the final rip down Skydive. Somewhere in there was a quick back loop in White Pass just pad out the time before close. Everywhere had good blow in which while not exactly powder was great fresh snow and really good free riding.

A great day in some relly nice soft snow. More snow in the forecast looking pretty good.

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