Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 61 a report for the weekend

I know that on Friday mornings I get a lot of hits from people thinking of skiing Fernie at the weekend so Thirsdays in future will be more about what the hill is like and bit less about what Lynda and I have done on the hill.

Yesterday's trauma injury to the right calf muscle on the final run of the day proved to be rather worse than the original injury. The result was that this morning the calf was so swollen that I couldn't do up my ski boot. All morning was spent with icing and various other treaments so that just after midday I was able to close the buckles on the right boot so we headed to the hill for an afternoons skiing.

We went to the Old side and I assumed (incorrectly) that groomer would be a bit kinder to my leg. As it turned out rough terrain was fine on relatively soft snow but fast groomers shaking the injured area was the only thing that was really painful. The wind on the Old side was just brutal - yet further proof that this year we are getting all the weather without any breaks in between. Later in the day from the top of Skydive it looked as if Bear Chair had been shut down and to be honest it didn't surprise me.

The whole of the Old side triangle was good with particularly good blow in all the way down Lynda's and some awesome wind groomed blow in on the skiers right of Boom. Because of the late start there was not much time so we headed for the New side.

Just time for a quick Skydive ( had to go back there as that is where I stacked it yesterday), Stag Leap and finish on Skydive again. All good with some soft snow but as policy I am skiing a little slower until this leg fixes.

So the report for those who have not been here since last weekend. Overall the soft powder has not been added to so you are on tracked powder as affected by 3 days of -20 or more temps i.e. dry but a bit chunky.
Cedar Bowl - some of the best snow on the hill if you are prepared to push out on the traverse to the Steep and Deep area. Fish has some good lines with a relatively low avi danger (as I write this, things can change with rising temps) so may be worth a hike.

The Old side triangle - all good with some soft stuff still left off Cedar ridge and if what happened today keeps up some great wind sift in Linda's and Boom bowl.

Lizard bowl - don't ski it much so can't comment but looks pretty well groomed with the bits in between heavily skied.

The Front runs (inc Brain, Secret chutes, Easter etc) all still in ok shape but you will have to rely on blow in to get fresh lines.

Currie Bowl - good blown in wind grooming in all the chutes off the county line.

Timber bowl - still in good shape, hardly touched but will probably be a bit wind affected after today's conditions.

Summary - come to the hill and have some fun but don't expect awesome conditions like last weekend. If you are prepared to look there is still some good stuff but likely to be windsift at best.

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