Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 40 official awesomeness warning

It's hardly worth doing a report on today as the word awesome would just cover the position.

Overnight there wasn't much fresh although the hill called 11 cms of new snow. Temps had risen considerably so that as we headed towards the hill it was only -5 and the snow started. It puked snow again all day although by the evening it was a bit wet towards the base ond the temp was showing zero as we drove off the hill.

We went to the New side and as anticipated found the overnight snow plus the stuff falling on top of what was left over from the last two days was very deep (if a bit heavy low down) powder. A bit disappointed to find Currie and the I bowl closed but we made the best of it and two runs in as we were passing the ridge under White Pass chair they dropped the fence with only four of us there - and awesome rip into the I bowl.

We hit Surprise trees mainly because the Idiot Traverse had been cut so low and found loads of untracked. Next time round we found Anaconda Glades open so dropped in one of the near chutes and then hit the trees to the left of Bootleg all the way down. So deep and over the head that it was repeat four times. We were just about to go to lunch when they open Currie bowl and that was it for the rest of the day although Lynda did take a break in the afternoon for lunch - sometimes she can be such a girl.

The rest of the day was spent looping out along the low traverse in Polar sink (good as it discourages people from hitting out that way) and then taking one of the front runs. Stag Leap, Cougar Glades, Skydive, Decline/ Window chutes, the Brain (twice), Secret chutes and Spinal Tap (deepest untracked snow on the hill) and finally a rip down Skydive. No point in differentiating them as they were all deep over the head face shots in powder most of which were lightly or untracked.

Outlook very uncertain. We have warm wet air banging into cold dry air over our heads. Could be rain, could be a freeze up, could be awesome snow. Who knows, what ever it is we will ski it.

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