Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 39 better and better as the day went on

It's great when the forecasters call for a great day and get it right. Snow must have started about 2 in the morning, at least that's the first time I noticed it when I got up for a pee. By morning temps were -17, snow was light dust and the hill were reporting 5 cms overnight which felt about right. The forecast was for a massive warm up which never really happened as temps got to -15 by midday and were about the same at close. To be fair things have warmed to about -8 by now (9 at night) but fingers crossed, the general warm up with the threat of rain looks like it may be overstated.

When we got to the hill it was puking snow and this continued all day and is continuing into tonight - witness huge accumulations on Lynda's touque (hat) in the hot tub which is the only piece of clothing she was wearing. The result was that things just got better and better as more snow accumulated as the day went on and runs that had been tracked became untracked and dust on crust became really deep powder. I have no figure but I guess we had 10-15 cms of new in places aided by the wind.

We went to the Old side and found Lizard closing and far side of Cedar already closed due to avi risk. We spent the morning off Boomerang Chair just enjoying the ever deepening powder on Boom bowl ( several times) Bear chutes ( a couple of times) Buckshot (ditto) Cedar Ridge ( three different ways) King Fir (untracked) Linda's (twice both good) and of course four returns through Kangaroo which was easy bumps in the top and a bit harder in the lower section. In fact the only thing we didn't do was Boom Ridge as it had been groomed and was therefore pointless. Lunch.

After lunch we headed to the New side which was double filled in by the new snow and the wind sift coming in off the ridge lines - in fact the only downside was the brutal conditions on the ridges so that you always wanted to ski off fast just to get out of the wind. The County Line had been closed so only the low traverse was open from Currie Powder. This is good as it cuts down the traffic (not that there was much) going to the front side runs - I refuse to call them "the fingers" which seems to be an annoying habit people have got in to. Boards can't make the traverse and a lot of skiers believe that you can't get to Skydive traverse from the low traverse - let's not tell them eh.

Cougar Glades - appeared untracked with deep soft snow all the way down. As usual slough management was the big issue in the lower chutes.
Stag Leap - run of the season up to that point as deep, deep and face shots all the way down.
Decline/Window chutes - great riding from side to side of the central ridge line, great log drop and then soft but heavy hero snow to hold you up in the exit.
A quick Gun bowl/Anaconda Glades/ Bootleg Glades was just as awesome as you would expect on a maximum powder day. At some stage hiked into Mitchy chutes which were full of deep hero snow.
Finally Skydive - now officially the run of the year so far. Over the head face shots top to bottom with loads of terrain jumps and soft landings - awesome.

Beers, and a hot tub which took 20 minutes to shovel the snow off and then enjoy soaking while the snow came down. Tomorrow could be better and more in the forecast but a risk of the R word.

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