Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 7 Socrates was wrong

Socrates said that no man could ever truely experience freedom - Socrates had never skied deep powder.

This mornings snow report from the hill gave 19 cms of fresh in the last 24 and a base of about 120 cms. To be fair most of that fell yesterday afternoon but as I reported yesterday no one was around to trash it so the starting position today was deep fresh powder. Temps were still an issue with valley highs just about plus so we decided like yesterday to stick to the new side - go high and stay high.

Can't report on the old side but buddies who were over there tell me it was every bit as good with exceptional skiing in Boomerang and Lindas. We started in White Pass with a warm up back through Highline trees which was untracked. Tried to cut the traverse out to Surprise Trees but gave up and took deep first tracks down the near chutes. Next time made it to Surprise for more first tracks - awesome.

The rest of the morning was spent trying to get out to Skydive on the low traverse in Currie - the high traverse had been taken out by an avi. Typical of big powder days in Currie I made about 6 attempts to get out to Skydive but failed each time as I was tempted into one of the untracked Currie chutes - first rule of powder skiing is never ski pass good powder looking for better.

About 12:30 finally made Skydive which was slightly tracked but if you stuck close to the vegitation on the left it was very deep untracked. Just had to go back and this time did Decline which was every bit as good. Late lunch and Lynda decided to go to the gym for the afternoon so I went adventuring to test some areas of the hill not usually open this early.

First loop was actually into Stag Leap just to complete the three front runs which was a bit twiggy in the top but great deep tree skiing in the entry. Next decided to try Siberia ridge which was ok in the mid gnarly section but still too much growth in the lower part but deep and fun none the less. Next Window Chutes which was mostly untracked and excellent deep powder - the log drop was made more difficult as there had not been enough snow to fill in between the two trees that make up the drop.

Last loop was out to Surprise Trees as far out into the boonies as you could go and this was untracked all the way down to the drop off on to the cat track. Final run off the hill was the usual rip down Skydive which was still good with significant untracked sections.

An excellent powder day with more in the forecast although temps may still be a problem. A couple of beers then to the hockey where we won 7-1. Interesting that on the way back there was a road block to check for drink drive just before our house - good job Lynda was designated driver and stone cold.

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