Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 6 Some awesome powder

Last night was a worrying time. Temp on the deck was +3, forecast was a mixed precip with rain and a high today of +4 so it looked like it could all go pear shaped just like 6 years ago. Things weren't improved when I woke up in the small hours to find it raining.

Come wake up time (7 in the morning) it was snowing and deck temp was about zero. The hill were calling for another 8 cms overnight and on the drive to the hill it all looked pretty encouraging.

We decided to go high and stay high making it an exclusively new side day. The snow at the base was wet (just the right side of rain) but as we went up it got better so that at the top of Timber it was acceptable light snow which kept coming until late afternoon.

White Pass was closed for avi control so we were force to make a straight run to the bottom via Black Cloud and Summer Road. The fresh snow gave good deep powder getting a bit heavy towards the base. Next time round White Pass was open and we just spent the whole morning cycling White Pass in ever deepening snow with particularly good runs in Surprise Trees which no one seemed to be skiing.

Occasionally we took a trip to the base via Anaconda Glades and Bootleg Glades which were getting well over knee deep. On one of these trips I managed to brush a small bush and put a massive three cornered tear in my ski pants which will prove expensive. I had wanted to go to base to do some repairs but they opened Currie bowl.

The funny thing about a Currie opening is that everyone tends to jump into 1-2-3s or Currie Glades leaving the rest of the bowl untracked. We went looking for the County Line which was closed but dropped down to the low traverse and put first tracks into Concussion which had been closed since yesterday lunchtime and was beautiful untracked powder. We then worked our way across the chutes going further each time first tracking Toms, Barracuada and Currie Creek before a late lunch.

After lunch two things happened - the snow started absolutely hosing down with hard grappel at the top and everyone disappeared so we more or less had the hill to ourselves ( ok so we saw a few people but not many). The traverse across Currie had been cut higher with a side step so you could get out to the Skydive traverse with a bit of work. The two cycles through Cougar Glades were just awesome, untracked steep deep tree skiing in hero snow - how good is that.

Last run we cut across Lazy Locals into Mitchy Chutes for the first time this year and were not disappointed. It was over the head face shots all the way down. Having found Skydive a bit twiggy on opening day I was not sure about heading out there but did and was rewarded. All the new snow had built up on the largely untracked base and as a result it was thigh deep hero snow mostly covering the brush but with the terrain still well defined to make it like a powder terrain park. Awesome awesome face shot powder top to bottom make it on of the top 10 runs of all time - what a finsh.

Couple of beers and a hot tub. Temps are about zero on the deck so it looks like we have got away with it on this warm front although the snow in town suffered damage. Could be a replay tomorrow but I suspect a little less precip but still looks like go high stay high.

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