Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 25 good powder but you had to look for it

There was no new snow overnight although the hill reported 4 cms in the last 24 hrs but starting temps of -6 and cloud meant that light snow/flurries started pretty early on and persisted all day. Not very good light but minor accumulations and high winds with temps getting down to -9 by close on the New side meant that there was considerable wind sift and wind grooming to be had.

We had a bit of a frustrating morning. We guessed that Cedar high traverse would be open for the first time in a couple of days so hit out towards Snake Ridge and Redtree. We had agreed to ski with some buddies so early runs were a bit slow but plenty of untracked powder to be had out and beyond Snake Ridge.

Half way through the morning we met another buddy as we got to the edge of the Fish Bowl who was a ski instructor on his day off and decided to drop into the out of bound chutes on the shoulder of Fish Bowl. The powder was awesome and mostly untouched so that instead of taking the Red tree ski out we decided to drop the steep chutes at the bottom which were totally untouched but a bit twiggy.

Unfortunately Andy (for it was he) stacked it into a tree on the bottom drop and hurt himself really badly ( back). Lynda and I nursed him out to the climb out and then carried his skis up to Red tree road by which time it was apparent we would need help so Lynda skied on to Haul Back to get a patrol snowmobile sent to help. The whole thing took well over an hour but you can't do anything else when you encounter a casualty out of bounds and I am keeping an ear to the ground on how he is as I understand it was pretty serious.

We did one more loop out into the Fish Bowl which was even more awesome powder but this time we resisted the final drop and hooked back into Redtree at the ski out. All 3 returns through Kangaroo were fun with rather more people in there than usual and some very interesting attemps to drop onto the Cat Track.

After lunch which seemed to indicate that the crowds were down a bit from yesterday we went out for a short afternoon on the New side. It was starting to turn cold and the wind chill was severe. County Line was still closed so the low traverse was again the only option.

Cougar Glades - just awesome and mostly untracked with a mix of last nights snow and todays blow in.
Stag Leap - on the way in bumped into a buddy and his son and son's friend and decided to rip. Came second by a turn and decided that what I need are 18 year old legs to keep up with these youngsters but huge fun flying the Terrain in soft snow all the way down.
Window Chutes - Final run met up with another buddy and went to the Window chutes by way of a change. All the terrain under the Decline logging trail was untracked and deep. The log drop off was only about 6 ft but couldn't get my buddy to hit it so just had to fly it on my own - a good ski out in deep powder.

Afterwards a few beers, followed by more beer in the hot tub with outside temp of -10 then an early night. Maybe some more frsh tonight.

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