Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 23 still not that busy

Although we had been promised fresh snow overnight all we got was about 5 cms with maybe a couple more accumulating during the day. Temps had picked up to about -2 an got up to just about plus during the day. Conditions were overcast, always promising snow but never quite delivering all day.

It was near enough to a powder day for us to be lining up for 10 minutes before first turn although in truth in a good year we wouldn't have bothered. We started at Deer and tracked to Bear to give us first tracks in Boom. It was better than dust on crust but however you looked at it there was a firm base with some softer stuff on top to make it feel a bit floaty and look prettier.

Light wasn't great but we drifted around the old triangle getting first/ early tracks in Boom, Boom Ridge, Lynda's and Cedar ridge several ways - all much better with the light covering of fluff. We then started to loop out beyond Snake ridge skiing Snake/Lower Gorby, Steep and Deep and Redtree. Redtree was probably the best of the bunch as the snow had blown in from the Snake Ridge side and in the lower sections there were quite deep accumulations totally untracked - couldn't be described as anything else but powder.

The loops required 4 returns through Kangaroo which hadn't improved much with the new snow but we interesting if a bit challenging.

After a late lunch there wasn't much time for the New side but Decline was good ( left side off the big bumps best) Stag Leap ( steep pitch on the left side bottom good) and Anaconda (first shoulder untouched) and Bootleg ( near trees tight and good). Of course a finish through Skydive was a bit better than of late with the new snow.

Beer, excellent meals prepared by our guests and ready for new snow forecast for tomorrow.

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