Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 21 Merry Christmas

Predicictably a short day as it was Christmas Day and there was no new snow. It was -12 when we got to the hill and there was a massive inversion which gave us temps of about -5 at the top and a beautiful blue bird day.

Our buddies from the UK who were going to spend Christmas with us had been struck down by the same illness as I had suffered when we went to pick them up so we started a bit late on the hill.

With no new snow we decided on a quick morning and a finish. We did four loops on the New side , Currie chutes, Decline, Stag Leap and Skydive. Just after midday was time to finish with a beer in the Griz followed by a hot tub and massive Christmas dinner. Much too much to drink,

I'm out of here,

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