Sunday, April 18, 2010

Days 122 &123 Furnival

So after closing day we headed off on our road trip and spent a couple of nights in Nelson (still the hippie capital of BC with all that implies) and a night in Kaslo ( just the most beautiful small lakeside town in the whole of BC) before coming back to Fernie for the "bonus" weekend which is known as Furnival. During the trip we also went to the hot spring pools at Nakusp and Ainsworth which were both great as there is nothing better than relaxing in a natural hot spring pool.

Furnival is more about hanging out with your buddies and drinking than it is about skiing which given the conditions was just as well. The weather forecasters confidently predicted that we would have a weekend of cloud and showers so given their record this season it came as no surprise to anyone that we got two days of perfect bluebird conditions. At this time of year it meant that night time temps barely got down to zero and day time highs were well over +20 for most of the day.

From the start both days were very soft on the groomers becoming super soft slush as the day went on. Off piste was all but impossible and the only stuff other than the groomers that were skiable were the old hard ice slopes which in the current condition hadn't softened too much.

The new side was closed and even on the old side the only stuff open was Lizard bowl and Cedar bowl about half way across - as I said this weekend was not really about skiing. The best runs were Easter bowl, Cedar ridge, Kangaroo and Boom ridge. This gave limited skiing but everybody was just enjoying skiing in T shirts and shorts.

Another highlight was to try and shoot the water pools at the base of each lift in which we were only partially successful as the soaking boots will testify. Great music, great drinking and great partying to finish the season. The only draw back was arriving at the the hill this morning and not finding my jacket or being able to work out what I had done with it last night. Returning home to tell the cell phone company that the phone had been stolen along with my jacket I was not best pleased to find the jacket and phone in my closet where obviously I had left it last night. Ah well, I guess this sort of thing will come to us all eventually.

Give it a couple of days and I will gather my thoughts on the season as a whole.

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