Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 98 at last a binding warrenty claim

Today was much the same as yesterday in many ways. A dusting of fresh overnight, starting temps of around -4, everywhere boiler plate ruts under the surface, base sitting in at just over 2 metres etc etc. The differences were that the sun came out a little earlier and stayed out so there was some mushing on the south facing slopes which then set up later in the day and there were no snow showers.

Again we hit the New side to get the best we could. Lift line was harder than ever and later in the day even Michy chutes seemed a pretty hard way of getting down from Timber top to White Pass base. We poked around White Pass looking for fresh and for the most part just got dust on crust. The only really soft snow was dropping left off Milky Way trees towards Heartland and even then it was only half a dozen turns of what you would call soft stuff.

Ranging a bit further we tried a few Anacondas ( still ok but hard) Bootleg (hard pack) 1-2-3s (really quite ok) Concussion ( about half an hour early but starting to soften in the sun). To finish the morning we went out to Decline, then Stag Leap which were both pretty hard bumps with a few death cookies thrown in to make life interesting.

The afternoon was rather disrupted as on the first drop down Lift Line a ski flew off and it took all I had just to stay in control on one ski. After putting the ski on and going up White Pass it was clear all was not well so after duck taping the heal binding to the front I skied carefully down the groomer to the bottom to check things out. As it turned out I had broken the base plate in the heal binding on one of the skis.

Grabbed my spare skis and spent the rest of the afternoon up the New side first down Skydive which was pretty hard, then Anaconda (harder still) and finished with Skydive again which by now had set up and was very hard going but as always very enjoyable.

After a couple of beers headed down to Ski Base to register my third warrenty claim in three years on bindings and have them fit a spare heal binding which happen to have left over from last years warrenty claim - they must love me at Rossignol. Took the chance to "cash in" a free major tune which I negotiated with my last purchase of skis so left the good skis there and will ski on my second pair tomorrow althoough to be fair this afternoon they skied at least as well and the number one pair.

Heading for day 99.

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