Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 95 Getting hot hot hot

What a hot day. Today it started at about -4 but was a bluebird day so temps rose very quickly to something of a record. Driving back down town it was about +14 and I can't imagine it was much cooler as a daytime high on the hill. If this isn't a record for March it has to be close.

Started a little late as everything had frozen rock solid last night and met up with a couple of Dutch friends who wanted to have a look at the hill from our perspective. We started with a drop down lift line then a run back through Highline trees just to see how things were. The answer was that Gun bowl was softening fast and everywhere else was taking an edge in the warming conditions.

Next stop was few trips out through Anaconda which remained soft and deep taking steeper chutes each time and then exiting via Bootleg glades, a different route each time. Judging the time to be right we went out to Currie chutes and dropped Tom's run thinking it would have softened. We were too late, it was soft at the top but pure elephant snot at the bottom. Final run of the morning was a trip down Skydive which was ok at the top but softening in the sun in the mid section and pretty icey at the bottom.

Late lunch. My guests then asked if Polar peak was an option and as I figured everything up there would have softened I said ok. Not a bad call but the hike up was very warm even with the jacket being carried on the back pack. After an extended photo call at the top of Polar peak we dropped the chutes only to find that even the first turns in the top were soft and as you got down it became very slushy indeed. The ski out through Currie bowl was weird as no one was there which was explained when we reached the base by finding out the White pass chair had broken down so we effectively had that part of the hill to ourselves.

Took one trip up Timber to see if Whitepass was repaired which it wasn't and came down via Siberia ridge which was very heavy but just about ok. Came off the hill about an hour early as there was nothing much left worth skiing and drank beer.

Riders lost 3-2 last night so tomorrows game is a make or break as we are 3-1 down in the series and we need 3 straight wins now to bring it home.

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