Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 49 rather better than expected

A late post tonight due to Shaw turning off my modem as they no longer support that model without sending me the replacement or telling me they were going to do it - back on line after a very long phone call.

Yet another day with base temps at about zero, upper mountain -4 and no new snow so yet another new side day. The snow up on top seemed to have dried overnight and there was evidence of just a trace of new stuff.

Ran through Surprise and Anaconda which were very nice but not worth getting over excited about. Hiked Knot chutes ( first of 4 times) which just like yesterday had the best snow but you had to pick your moment inthe poor viz which got better as the day went on.

Drifted out along the County Line for the first time in couple of days and found the conditions much better than expected, plenty of soft tracked snow and no ice. Easter was very soft and as it finishes quite high the bottom was still ok and the same applied to Secret chutes. On the front side Cougar glades and Stage leap were both soft and fresh at the top but very scratchy low down, particularly Stag.

Spent the afternoon dropping Knot chutes and then either Surprise in a White Pass loop or to the base via Anaconda and Bootleg. Final run of the day was a hike up Knot, a very far chute in Anaconda (5 I think) and Bootleg.

In the Griz bar tonight I think I agreed to an expedition involving hiking Cedar knob and dropping Fish bowl from quite high up so it looks like full avi gear tomorrow.

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