Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 46 and all still pretty nice

The Riders won last night 3-2 away in overtime to the Revelstoke Grizzlies who are probable one of the best sdies in the League, great result. Forgot to mention yesterday that the price of skiing had dropped below an average of 20 bucks a day so another reason the celebrate.

Today was just like yesterday with a light dusting of snow and temps holding a few degrees below zero over the whole hill. this meant that the good snow at the top stayed good and the crunchy stuff on the bottom third of the hill remained very crunchy.

New side again as it will continue to be until fresh snow repairs the lower parts of the hill on the old side. had a nice couple of rips through Surprise Trees which seemed to have some good fresh blow in. Linked up with a couple of Aussie guys and dropped the second Anaconda Chute the hard way which still had plenty of fresh in Bootleg which was getting crunchy at the bottom.

Hiked Lone Fir on the next loop which was a little icey in the lower section but the snow below that was deep and very forgiving. Tracked hard right into Spinal Tap which was also soft at the top and hard on the ski out. One of the guys left so we just looped Skydive, Cougar Glades, Window Chutes and the Brain. All had deep untracked snow at the top as skier traffic had been deterred by what was lower down. Lower sections were hard icey rain crust which was particularly challenging specially in the Brain where you were sliding around on the ice on top in quite steep and tightly packed trees.

After lunch Paul linked up with us again and hearing fron Niel what he had missed asked if we could do a re run. We were happy to oblige finding even more fresh snow in the trees at the top of the Brain. Final run down Stag Leap was great as not many had bothered to make the trip through the trees at the top. Bottom section tough again but no pain no gain.

Some precip called for overnight -3 on the deck so with any luck it will be snow.

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