Friday, December 4, 2009

One Day to Go

Another good night in the hot tub last night. So cold Lynda was wearing her red toque - she has to be the only person who doesn't see anything starnge in climbing into a hot tub wearing a red woolly hat and nothing else !!

Today dawned overcast with a forecast of flurries turning to snow and a high of -7. It pretty well worked out that way although sitting here in the evening the accumulation has only been a few cms but with more called for overnight.

Swam at lunch time and it is even cooler to swim watching snow falling outside the windows of the aquatic centre. Went down town in the afternoon to wander round the ski shops and check out the historic ( well about 100 years old) down town.

About 5 hit the pub for a few beers with various buddies and then came back home for yet another hot tub. Just sorted all the kit ready for opening tomorrow and ready to go.See tomorrow for the first report on the full season starting with the new side.

Tonight the Ghostriders are in Nelson playing the Leafs. Not that confident as the leafs were divisional winners last year and they still look pretty strong to me - we live in hopes.

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