Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nice Surprise

The nice surprise in question was that it snowed over night - not much ( a little under 5 cms) but it gave everything a nice Christmassy feel and anyway I always reckon that you can double the snowfall in the town for what falls on the hill and double that for what accumulates in the bowls - not sure if it's true but it sort of works out that way. The forecasters were calling for a clear night down to -11 so a light snow night only down to -6 was a nice surprise.

This time of year light snow is good as it doesn't get cleared away and you can read the tracks in the snow to see what happened over night with the wild life. This morning you could see that tree squirrels had been all over the back deck - perhaps they wanted a go in the hot tub. Out front a coyote had headed straight up the road, would love to think it had been a timber wolf but it was a coyote. Round the front door there were deer tracks, I would say they were mule deer, three of them. No I haven't developed tracking skills equal to those of Wild Bill Peyto it was just that as I was looking at the tracks 3 mule deer came over to see what I was up to !

Put a final coat of black rust paint on the rear fender of the Explorer and whilst it isn't the greatest paint job in the world you can't see rust any more and when the usual road dirt gets over it then it will look just perfect.

Swam at the aquatic centre and by that time the sun had come out and the temp risen to the daytime high of -3. There is something so cool about swimming whilst looking out of the big windows at the end of the pool at snow covered mountains bathed in sunlight. A quick trip to library stocked us with books and a DVD. As long as you like your movies a bit "artistic" the library is the best place to rent DVDs at only one buck for two nights.

Went to the hill and spent some time talking to Brian in Top Shelf about boots as I had mine blown to account for some spread in the right foot which took place due to all the running this summer. Boot heaters seem to have come on a long way and now that Brian and Donny have found a way of mounting the toe heaters between the layers in the foot bed it's something I might think about again - those guys have to be the best boot fitters anywhere in the country.

Finished the day with a quick visit to Alpine Spa to report that the footwell light in the hot tub wasn't working. Not the end of the world but .... they will look at it.

Just checked the long range forecast which is now calling for a steady decline in day time highs until next Monday when the high should be -23. The temps are then set to rise with several days of moisture, first snow then a snow rain mix so that two weeks from now we should be at +5. Bear in mind this is a 14 day forecast from the same organisation that didn't call for snow over night and last week called for 25 cms in the afternoon when only 3 showed up. I think we can be pretty sure that we are going to get an Arctic high for a few days which will be followed by some warmer wetter weather. When, how much, how warm and how wet are anybody's guess. The good news is that warm wet fronts bumping into cold air masses can give us massive dumps.

So what to do this evening ? Either wings night at the Pub ( huge plate of wings for about $6) or tight ass Tuesday at the movie house ( two for the price of one). I guess the Pub as there will lots of buddies I haven't seen yet since getting into town.

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