Wednesday, March 4, 2009

4th March UK

Still here in the UK testing the BLOG with a second post to see how it works out. Also changed the picture to one of me drinking beer in the Griz bar which somehow seems more appropriate.
Spoke to Lynda on the phone earlier who tells me that yesterday there was about 10cms of fresh but that it was so heavy that it was sliding off the roof of the houses alongside the Elk chair as she was riding up first thing. Most of the hill was closed due to avi danger but eventually they opened the Bear and Boom chairs and she got some good if heavy skiing of Cedar Ridge.
So it's settled, the Riders have the Nitros in the next round of the play offs starting Saturday. As that will be my first night back I will probably give that game a miss but I can't see the series being decided in the first four games so we will be able to go the the home games in the middle of next week.
Signing off now until Saturday when I will be back in Fernie and this BLOG will start for real. Still calling for cooler temps and snow over the weekend.

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