Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3rd March -UK

Well this is it the first post on my new blog. Sitting here in the UK checking on the house/boats/family before flying back to Fernie for the rest of the ski season - just completed day 74 before I came back. In normal circumstances I have no intention of keeping this BLOG up while I am in the UK as there is quite enough rubbish posted all summer about sailing. This is just by way of a test as my IT skills are not great and who knows what I will end up with on this site.
I have just spoken to Lynda on the phone and she confirms that there is fresh snow in Fernie but it is coming down wet. Yesterday she and Katie ( of whom more in later posts) skied in the morning and went high into White Pass to avoid the rain. Predictably the White Pass chair broke down for a long period of time making them take refuge in the Lost Boys Cafe to have some hot chocolate and dry out. Later the Timber chair was closed as part of the attempt to fix White Pass and deciding that the old side would be just too wet they abandoned the day in favour of a girlie afternoon in the hot tub on the back deck. Apparently the Aussie lads renting the house next door are building a terrain park in the back yard so lots of fun to come watching them in the spring from the comfort of the the hot tub - beer in hand.
The Ghostriders got through the first round of the play offs against the Rockets a couple of days ago and now have a few days rest while the Thunder Cats and the Nitros sort out who they will be playing in the finals - can't wait to get back and see some good old fashioned play off hockey.
Forecast is for it to cool during the week with more precipitation due towards Friday when I fly back(yipee) - that having been said the forecast is from the Weather Network who are notoriously unreliable more than 3 days out so who knows what we will be getting.
More snow please Griz.

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