Friday, September 14, 2018

Fall update

This is Lynda, Bill's wife, writing for those of you that have not heard the sad news that Bill died on Friday 13 July at home in Cornwall from a sudden heart attack. His funeral was held at Penmount Crematorium Truro on 3 August and afterwards at St Mawes sailing club, it was well attended and lots of stories were told. His ashes were scattered at sea from the Working Boat Florence on 1 September in an area we regularly race so he will always be able to tell us where to go.

I am in Fernie at the moment for 2 weeks seeing many friends and I will be back on the hill skiing this winter.

Now cracks a noble heart -
Good night sweet prince.
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!
Hamlet Act 5 Scene 2

Posted by Lynda


  1. Our thoughts are with you Lynda . We live in Tasmania , Australia, but have followed your blogged lives for many years , and about a decade ago we met you on a Fernie lift one day when Bill must have been busy elsewhere.
    kind regards
    Deb and Mike Foster

  2. Bill's blog brought much joy to our household in the UK while we were waiting for our Fernie Fix. So sad to hear this news. Our thoughts are with you and your family and friends. Nathan, Morag, Matthew and Anna Balls

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this Lynda.
    I spent 12 months in Fernie in 2007. When I returned to Australia I found Bills Blog by accident. I have read it daily during winter ever since. I will miss his humour and straight forward approach to life greatly. I also share Bills love of sailing.
    My thoughts are with you and your family. I’ hope the Griz provides a season to remember in honour of Bill.
    Kindest regards

  4. So sorry to read this news! I have never met you or Bill but this blog has been daily reading during the winter for the past several years ever since I discovered it. Hard to think about Fernie and especially the conditions without thinking about Bill. He wrote with such joy, even when he was describing marginal conditions. He'll be sorely missed. Thinking of you in this difficult time :(

  5. Huge fan of the blog. It has been a trusted source of credible information on the ski hill. Every time my friends and I ski at Fernie we also try and see if we can find Bill out skiing on the slopes. So sad to hear this news. Thoughts and prayers goes out to you Lynda and your family. Bill was such an inspiration. His reports will be sorely missed.

  6. BILL NO! This is very sad news indeed! He was a big inspiration to my group of friends on the hill. It was always a game, who could spot Bill first, and we would try to chase him around the slopes.

    His daily reports were well recieved and a fresh set of eyes on the true conditions. I wish we would have given him more free beers for it!

    Thank you Lynda for your strength through this. Snoopy Crew wishing you all the best.

  7. Lynda, can’t quite believe this news, I was with Bill at Parkstone only a short time ago. Bill will be missed by so many, he really was one of a kind, my thoughts are with you.

  8. I live in Calgary and have been following Bill’s blog ever since we moved here 5 yrs ago to help plan our trips to Fernie and here I am checking in Sept for any early thoughts that he might have had - thanks for letting us know. Another stranger’s thoughts are with you Lynda.

  9. Dear Lynda,

    We are so sorry to hear that tragic update and our thoughts are with you and your family. We have met Bill on the lift a couple of years ago and enjoyed his company and fantastic knowledge about the ski hill that day (at least until that ski got lost...) and have been following his daily posts ever since! We are currently on summer vacation windsurfing in Greece and looking at the big waves I had to think of Bill and was wondering whether he wrote about his summer sailing the winds.
    Bill was an inspiration for us and many others, following his passions and living a happy life. All the best Lynda, may his positive spirit follow you on your future path.
    Christina & Konstantin from Switzerland

  10. What a shock. Sympathies to his family and friends (which it sounds like he had a lot of). I lived in fernie for a few years and his blog inspired me to ski places i hadn't before. I liked that he gave FAR a little pushback too. I also looked his duct tape style and his commitment to riding in rainy weather.
    I'm sure you'll have many hearts thinking of you this riding season, i will be.

  11. I am sorry to here of Bill's passing, I only started reading Bill's blog last year and found it to be very entertaining. I am coming to Fernie in February from Australia and was hoping to meet and share a beer. My thoughts are with you.