Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Day110 another ok day

Yes, today wasn't awesome or great but it was ok and that's ok by me. It started for me in the gym at 6:30 with another 10 km running on the treadmill and second day into training the hamstrings really hurt. After that it was coffee and off to the hill just in time for a 9 o'clock start.

It was -1 on the way to the hill with no new snow overnight and overcast conditions. The forecast was for a sun/cloud mix all day with it clouding over towards the end of the day and some precipitation starting. What we actually got was quite thick cloud cover most of the time with some sunny flashes and the occasional light flurry which didn't really give anything like an accumulation. Temps rose steadily during the day so that by the time we drove home it was +6 in the valley and probably low plus temps even at the top. The absence of direct sunlight did at least mean that we were saved the worst ravages of spring sunshine and the skiing surfaces stayed in ok condition, only becoming mushy low down later in the day.

We went to the New Side and as I have mentioned so often the trees on lookers left of Lift Line proved to be the only way to go to get from Timber Top to White Pass load and provided some surprisingly steep and tight tree skiing. We pushed out to Low Saddle which is steadily getting more bumpy and rocky in the top but still good after two turns. Perch Chutes and then Easter bowl were all excellent soft snow.

Next time up we hit The Gun Bowl which was still scratchy under the new snow. Anaconda 1 was great mellow north facing snow and Diamond Leg trees are deep and hardly seem to be getting skied. Polar Peak had opened (Coaster side only) so we went up and had a couple of loops in a very marginal Crusty Chute and then some nice powder 8s off the cat track. We ran to base through High Saddle which is scraped and getting very marginal although the snow underneath the chute remains soft and untracked. The Easter exit was just as good as ever.

By way of variation we went out on Siberia Ridge and tried the Fraser Tooth which to my mind had the best snow on the hill and the steep fall line off the top through the trees was excellent skiing. Last run before very late lunch was Lone Fir which is showing some signs of wear but was way better in the chute than normal and the Easter exit was of course very good.

After lunch Lynda wanted to do one loop in 1-2-3s and go home which she did, I tried Anaconda 2 which is still very tight tree skiing but the snow remains in good enough shape to make it ok. Diamond Leg Trees had probably not been touched since I skied them in the morning and so remained in great shape. I just had time for some more ok loops in Polar Peak before running to base through Low Saddle which was just a bit worse than this morning although the snow below was still as good as ever.

I didn't make it to Skydive for the final run as I usually do but still managed to have a very enjoyable end to the day. The forecast is for a snow rain cycle to hit us in the next 24 hours and we are crossing everything that we can cross in the hope that it is mostly snow.

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