Thursday, November 30, 2017

T Minus 2 or at least 99%

Yes, it looks pretty certain that we will be getting opening day on Saturday. The official web site still shows it as "tentative" which isn't all that helpful. When I was up at the hill yesterday loading all my gear into my locker I got chatting to a buddy who works up there and he was the one who cane up with the number of 99% certainty as to us opening on Saturday. Looking at the conditions I have only taken my rock skis to the hill, the DPS Wailer Pures are in with the ever reliable Straight Line having a pre season tune up and will not be seeing snow until we have better coverage.

What happened to change things was a nice dump of snow a couple of days ago. Tuesday night we went to bed with no sign of snow in town and yesterday morning we woke up to this -
it was a good 10 cms plus of fresh snow even down here in the valley and I suspect rather more on the hill. With a few skiffs more due over the weekend and temps set to fall to sub zero day and night we should just about have enough to slide around on although it certainly isn't going to be a vintage opening.

On a personal front things are going ok, the Jeep is back on the road and the rental car has been returned. The hot tub has been fired up and I have even got the first 11k treadmill run of the season done in the gym. Today's project is to get the Christmas lights up on the deck and the tree in the front of the house and then tomorrow should be a spare day (originally opening day) to allow for the things that we will have forgotten.

The only worrying thing is that after this weekend looking out in the 14 day forecast there doesn't seem to be much happening. I am not too concerned as the computer modelling seems to be that if there is uncertainty it just defaults to calling for a sun cloud mix with no precip which is what it is now showing. As soon as some weather starts to form out west I am sure things will change but I would be happier if some precip was in the forecast.

So fingers crossed for opening day on Saturday.

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