Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Day 118 Hot dog day

Just like I forecast last night it was very drunken day and has not got any better as we move into the evening.

It was overcast to start with and we had some wind but nowhere near as much wind as we had overnight which brought down several big trees particularly on the Old Side. It was a hard surface which softened steadily during the day so our early runs off places like Sunny Side shoulder were tough but fun.

At 11 Brad and me and Lynda met at the top of Timber in the Lost Boys Cafe to make our usual political point on Hot Dog Day. That point is that they have huge signs saying no alcohol is allowed on the hill and have very heavy handed security searching everyone going up the hill to make sure that you are not carrying beer but if you go to Lost Boys Cafe they are more than happy to serve you with as much beer as you can drink. Perhaps it's the cynic in me but I can't help but think that their willingness to waive the rules may have something to do with the fact that you are paying them 7 bucks for every beer you drink.

We tracked over to the Old Side and checked the beers we had buried yesterday and found that they were ok and where we had left them. We ran to lunch at Rusty Edge which was a Hot dog and more beer,

In the afternoon we picked up our beers and went to Wallaby for the party. The sun had come out, the snow was soft and the beers were good and the jumps had a mellow landing. After way too much to drink we took the last run down lower Kangaroo which was very mellow and then to base through Boom Guts which skied ok even with loads of alcohol on board.

Many more beers on the deck as the sun set and things started to get warmer than they had been at any time during the day. A picture (Kevin, Lynda, Brad and me)is worth a thousand words

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