Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 90 no new snow but who knows what the future holds

A brief late report because I have been drinking, hot tubbing and then drinking some more with buddies, not to mention some skiing as well.

The forecasters said today would be overcast first thing with base temps up to +7 and then sunny this afternoon. That was complete rubbish as we got overcast conditions all day which even gave us some very light flurrie activity in the afternoon. Base temps never got above +2 and the temps at the White Pass load mid afternoon was -2 and at Polar Load it was -4. In other words things were way colder than called for which may be good news in the light of the precip that is supposed to heading our way tonight.

We went to the Old Side and had great loops down Cedar Ridge (many times and in many ways) in untracked soft snow on a firm base. Boom Ridge, Boom Guts and Linda's were also soft and untracked on a firm base. Kangaroo was had ugly ice bumps and as such was the only run that skied just as good as it always did - we hit it four or five times on the way back from Cedar and it was just as tough every time.

After lunch we went to the New Side which seemed to ski a bit harder on a more icy base with temps dropping to well below zero. Lynda wanted to try Alpha Centari so we did and it was good as long as you kept up the speed to stay on top, Next loop we went up Polar Peak where we encountered the classic Papa Bear problem in that the really good wind sift only began at the point where you needed to loop out to get back to the chair. We looped it once and then got seduced by the lower section of wind sift which was sensational. Our run to base was through Easter bowl which was soft and deep and untracked most of the way down.

We only had time for a Siberia Ridge loop which skied way better than you would have expected in some blown in untracked snow. It was then time for Skydive although I seem to have left out some really good White Pass loops through Pillow Talk and at least one other loop into Currie which seems to escape me for all the reasons previously explored.

Skydive was good as were the beers afterwards. As I said apologies for this alcohol affected report - normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

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