Thursday, March 3, 2016

Day 83 a good day but a bit warm

First of all an apology for the late publication of this report which is due to the fact that we had some good buddies over for pizzas and beers. I have to be the only guy who has to apologise for having had a great days skiing followed by a few too many beers but I guess that's how it goes.

Last night the storm we were promised grew in the telling depending on which bar you were in until I think the final forecast was for 70 cms which was always about as likely as me becoming the next pope. In the event we got just over 20 cms in 24 hours which was just about as much as any of the official forecasts had been calling for.

The snow came down at about -3 on the hill so it was heavy but ok skiing. On the way to the hill it was around zero and during the day it rose to around + 5 at the base but stayed around zero in the White Pass as long as you stayed away from the direct sunlight. The sunlight was a feature as for most of the morning we had sun which had a very detrimental effect on the snow so that by our second run through White Pass we were getting sun balling in the fresh snow - as usual we had a collection of idiots saying haw nice it was to be skiing in the sun completely ignoring the effect it had on the snow. Luckily it clouded over late morning and we even had some very light flurries during the afternoon which no doubt disappointed the sun worshipers but proved to be a huge blessing to any real skiers/riders on the hill who were interested in getting good snow.

We lined up at 8:40 for an early start and if nothing else we wanted to be on the Timber Chair before it broke down. To be fair we got up into White Pass for some great skiing and the Timber chair never broke down. White Pass was open but Currie bowl wasn't so we cut the traverse out to Surprise Trees and had an awesome run through the trees in totally untracked snow.

For the rest of the morning we looped White Pass finding ok skiing in the Knot Chutes (particularly Jim) and all over Surprise. About 11 we dropped Triple Trees on to Trespass Trail which were rather disappointing partly because they were tracked, partly because they were very sun affected but mainly because we missed the Currie Fence Drop as a result of skiing them.

We ripped across the Reverse Traverse as soon as we got to the the top of White Pass but for the most part we had missed the bus - makes up for all the awesome first tracks we have had so far his year, some you win some you lose. That having been said when we got to Cougar Glades there were tracks in there in front of us but there were still untracked lines to be had tight in the trees and we had them - lower Stag leap was soft and fine with not too many tracks in there.

Next loop we hit Touque Chutes and Spinal Tap as our options were restricted by the Saddles, Lone Fir and Polar Peak being closed. These skied really well with untracked lines and the creek bed being filled with soft snow. For the final run before lunch we traversed in Gotta Go which had already been trashed (thanks Brad) so we hopped the ridge into Google Earth chute which was super deep and untracked. The trees along side Bootleg were also very deep and untracked and made a perfect finish to the morning.

In the afternoon we hit -
Nameless Trees - the trees to the right of Skydive which everyone tells me have no name. To my my mind these were perfect tight untracked trees but others held different opinions. In my view the run of the day. Of course we had to bail on the Megasaurus trail into Skydive but this skied ok.
Easter Bowl - a straight forward Easter drop which skied really well.
Window Chutes - well, this was an interesting line was hit Touque Chutes which were still soft and deep before hitting Decline which was still skiing ok and finally Window Chutes which were tracked soft snow and not too scratchy in the chokes.
Siberia Ridge -mostly untouched and some great soft deep powder skiing.

Last run of course was Skydive which everyone took easily as we had all had pretty big days. It actually skied ok and unsurprisingly we all got down pretty quick as even on a gentle drop no one wants to be last. Beers in the Griz and more beers at home made for a great day, they are calling 4-8 cms tonight and that would be good although valley temps remain at +3.

Footnote - thanks to my many friends and followers who have made contact to say they are prepared to confirm that I ski everything I say I do as they ski the stuff with me off and on. I am still waiting to hear from the "gentleman" who was sounding off about this to see if he wants to put his money where his mouth is regarding what I ski - I will keep everyone informed.

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