Thursday, February 18, 2016

Day 70 a quick report

There are two reasons tonight's report is going to be quick, Firstly we are about to head out with our guests to be treated to dinner at the ever excellent Bridge Bistro so we don't want to be late. Secondly. today was much the same as yesterday but rather worse so all anyone needs to do is to read yesterday's report for the fine detail.

Today dawned very wet with warm temps. It was +2 or +3 all over the hill and all the skiing surfaces were soft and mushy. In the afternoon it seemed like it was setting up to me but that may just have been the very strong winds. As we drove away it was +4 and everything was depressingly wet.

The big difference from yesterday was that it rained all day. From first thing this morning until late in the afternoon we had heavy precip and it only gave up for the last hour of the day. The precip was rain almost up to the White Pass load and very heavy wet elephant snot above that. Viz was very poor on top so we faced the classic dilemma of staying high and getting poor viz but being dryer or running to base and getting wet in better viz.

For the morning we stayed in White Pass which was only partially opened due to the avi risk. the snow was very heavy and we skied where we could in soft mush. As one of my guests said with the poetic qualities for which the Irish are noted - It didn't matter if you were on a groomer or not at it was all chopped up sh-t. With the high Reverse Traverse closed we ran to lunch in slow motion mush through Currie Bowl. 

In the afternoon I looped the lower traverse into Currie and did multiple laps of Alpha Centauri and Concussion. About 3 they closed Currie bowl as the wet snow had pushed up the avi risk. With nowhere to ski I ran off the hill early via Siberia Ridge which was untracked with blow in snow (the winds had really picked up by then) and very mushy low down.

In summary a pretty dreadful day's skiing in rain, wet snow and for the most part on elephant snot that held your skis up all the time. Things have to get better.

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