Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 22 a great inversion

First of all a huge apology to everyone for the lateness of this report. I'm afraid that buddies came round for a new year's hot tub party and things got a bit out of hand. Before I start I think I need to clear the air a little on the subject of the blog. A few people have mentioned to me that so far this season my reports seem to be very up beat to the point that several people have suggested that I may actually be paid by the hill for posting on my blog - that, as they say, will be the day. The truth is that my blog does probably take a more positive view of the world for a number of reasons, only a few of which are -
I am pretty positive person who tends to see the glass as half full and not half empty.
I ski the hill 120/130 days a year so I know where the good skiing is and tend to go there.
The sort of skiing I enjoy is not the sort of skiing that every one enjoys. I love tough tight technical skiing and most people don 't. This isn't for some stupid macho reason as some people think it is simply the stuff I enjoy, is that so hard to understand ?
Finally I only ski the bits of the hill I think will be good and that I might enjoy which in cases like today will be les than 5% of the hill, if the other 95 % sucks then I am in no position to comment.

In summary what you get here is not a ski report and has never been intended to be so. It is a reflection of what I have experienced which may or may not bear any resemblance to the conditions on the hill as a whole.

Today's report is dead simple. There were a couple of cms of fresh snow on the mid and lower mountain and the snow base remains at around 180 cms. Temps on the lower mountain stayed at about -12 all day in overcast conditions. We had a huge inversion so that on top of Polar Peak it was bluebird conditions and about -1, extraordinary when you think that it was -12 all day at the Polar load and the inversion took place just in the last pitch. there was no precip during the day.

I spent all morning looping Polar through Grand Papa Bear, Barely Legal, Papa Bear and the Clown Chutes. It was all excellent hard bump skiing through the chutes but you had to be aware that one mistake would have taken you from top to bottom. Apart from the entrance to the Crusty Chute which was a bit funky it was great steep challenging bump skiing. For lunch I ran to base through Decline which was ok with some new grippy cold snow and no new tracks.

After lunch I went back up to Polar for a repeat performance. I think skiing challenging skiing all day takes it toll so by 3 I was starting to make mistakes due to tiredness and decided that mistakes like this in the Polar Chutes would be a bad idea so I skied out  to the big three for more gentle skimg. My decision was vindicated when I saw a girl rag doll Barely Legal on my last chair up and it was good to see that she stood up if a bit shaken.

I did a very mellow Cougar Glades loop then a Surprise Trees loop in White Pass before it was time for a last run down Skydive, Beers and a hot tub party so sorry for any typos tonight due to booze - Happy New Year.

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