Thursday, December 17, 2015

Day 7 another ok day

Today we had no new openings and no really significant new snow so the conditions were ok, but no better which is still pretty good for early season.

We had about 4 cms of fresh snow out of yesterday's cycle which freshened up the hill. Temps on the way to the hill were -9 and all day we had temps in the -9/-7 range all over the hill. Conditions were overcast and flurries continued throughout the day with no really significant accumulation. If this was the start of the next weather cycle I would be rather worried but as it just appears to be some bonus precip then I will take it thankfully for what it is.

We went to the Old side and had -
Snake Ridge - great soft skiing all the way down.
Kangaroo - lovely as ever in it's new form
Cedar Ridge - I have now discovered from a Patrol buddy that they did a lot of brush work in Cedar Ridge during the summer and it shows. Nice soft untracked snow in many lines.
Kangaroo - ditto
Boom Guts - snow seems to have accumulated to give nice soft lines particularly on the left hand side.
Bear Cave chutes/Cedar Ridge - some of the best soft snow in the top and very mellow lightly tracked snow all the way down. Marred only by a complete dumbass on a snow board who was sat on the snow just under the entrance chute and seemed to think it was my fault he got covered in snow as I avoided his stupid position.
Kangaroo - ditto
Bear Chutes -(don't shoot the Bear) first time of the season which were a bit bushy but some good soft snow in between.
Snake Ridge - we went further left and got even better good deep snow before skiing out on the spine.
Kangaroo - ditto
Bear Chutes - with a better idea we found a rather better line and as a result got some even better lines all the way down to the ski out on the Goat Trail.
Lunch Time.

After lunch we headed over to the New Side. My run down Lift Line was spoilt by finding a beer can dropped from the lift. I can only say that this shows such disrespect for the hill that if the Griz decides to give us a bad snow year for this kind of behaviour I wouldn't be surprised. If I ever catch the twats who throw this garbage I can promise them I will return it to them in just the place they don't want it with all the sharp corners exposed. Rant over.

Tight Knot was great deep snow and when we pushed out to Surprise Trees the snow was actually starting to accumulate. Next stop was Corner Pocket which was still in pretty good shape with a couple of icy jumps. Underneath it was great deep powder and after cutting right into lower Easter it was still alright conditions.

Next loop I made my only big mistake of the day - I decided to try the far Concussion Chutes. They had obviously slide big time and were down to a hard icy base with logs, root, stumps and rocks, all a bit of a slither to get through. Below of course was the result of the slide which was refrozen avi debris in the form of death cookies - even more fun. Not a place to go back to for a day or two.

After that it was a couple of rips up and down White Pass looking for soft snow and then it was time for the last run which has to be Skydive. Actually this was delayed as I was stuck on White Pass chair for long enough to make me think that maybe they had shut down and forgotten about me - as it was everything was ok. Skydive was hardly tracked and some of the best skiing of the day in the upper section. The bottom was unsurprisingly hard work but then after a great time someone always presents the bill so I guess that was ok.

The outlook is foe about 5 cms overnight on slightly increased temps and then 10 during the day tomorrow dying out early evening. Clearly we are going to have to work hard to trash everything out before the weekend crowds arrive but I am prepared to give it my best shot. Maybe we get Polar Peak tomorrow as well, who knows.

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