Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day 61 a bit of new snow but not a lot to get excited about

First off apologies for the late report due to drinking far too much at wings night (don't worry we got a taxi down and back) and the obvious short comings in the report as a result of alcohol consumption.

We had some snow over night and the hill called 7 in the last 24 hours which when you allowed for the fall yesterday came out at about 4 cms overnight. On the way to the hill it was +2 and about the same on the way back. Up the hill temps hung around at just below zero from mid mountain so all in all the snow stayed in reasonable shape. During the day we had overcast conditions which became a sun/cloud mix during the day before dropping back to light snow late afternoon and then becoming just overcast in the evening. We had no measurable accumulation during the day - again.

We went to the New Side and stayed there all day for no real good reason that I could articulate. Things tend to merge into one at this hour of night (not to mention after this much Kokanee) so I won't do a run by run account of the day but rather talk about the runs in general with a few highlights.

The drop from Timber top was mostly through Puff which with the new snow skied ok in the places where you could find soft snow berms but where you just ran out of soft it remained hard icy bumps.
A couple of times we ran Puff trees which were pretty hard and unforgiving but with some nice soft snow between the bumps.

White Pass back to the load was always Gun Bowl which was soft in the bottom but quite hard bumps on top and High Line which was also hard bumps. The run to base was mostly through Currie Glades which were untracked about the first 4 times through but became more tracked up during the day. Untracked they were good soft powder on an icy base and even later when tracked provided good tracked up soft snow as a cushion on the ice base. Lower down the end of Concussion chute and Gilmar Trail were skiing fast and smooth in the new snow.

We went up Polar Peak several times and each time was interesting. The initial ski down was subject to big snow berms blown across the track which in zero light I managed to get airborne on one and stack it with the back of my skull crashing against the ice track - score one more for helmet saving my life ! The Clown chutes had some chopped up soft which we skied most times although by late afternoon there was about a 5 ft drop in to it which made things interesting in bad light. Just once we traversed the shale slope to get to the Polar Chutes under the chair and this was big mistake. The traverse was tough ice and the ski down was even tougher in hard ice. We only went there to get to the Reverse Traverse which appeared to be open but when we got there we found that it was just a case of poachers tracking out beyond the closed signs.

That was about it - can't remember the order in which all this happened but do remember the last run was down Currie Glades as the traverse out to the big 3 remained closed and it was ok tracked up powder on hard crust.

On the way back from the pub I noticed temps had dropped to -4 so again who knows what tomorrow holds.

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