Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 47 and a quick report

I have to go to Cranbrook to pick up and Irish buddy from the airport and it will be too late to do anything by the time I get back so this will have to be a super quick report.

No new snow and temps back down to -9 as we drove to the hill. During the day they got up to around -5 on the hill and the valley temps were -1 as we drove away from the hill tonight. For the most part the conditions were bluebird with a bit of ridge line cloud and getting a bit more overcast towards the evening.

We had another New Side day (sorry Old Side fans) as we had been promised Polar Peak which sure enough we got. I understand the Old Side was very good in places. Everything was much harder than yesterday with less wind sift. The underlying snow was firm but taking a good edge in most places. My fear was that lower down yesterday's softer snow would have become ugly in the overnight freeze but that was not the case. The lower parts of the runs were a little harder and chunkier but in no way crunchy and the upper parts were a firm base but still with some sift on top.

Polar was open and we hit it three times returning by the Clown Chutes (super soft all day so that was always our route down) and the Grand Pappa fence which was ok wind pack if a little slabby in places. After 3 loops we ran to base through Concussion which was just about run of the day taking a great edge especially in the tight chute on the skiers left - great technical skiing. Then 2 more loops of Polar and a run down Skydive which confirmed the bumps in the top were big, the mid sections had some good blow in and the lower section wasn't too stiff. Time for 2 more Polar loops and then lunch with a non stop run from Polar Peak to Big Bang Bagels via Decline - the first non stop Peak to base run of the year - Decline was just like Skydive.

After lunch it was up Polar Peak again then a run down through Concussion which was just as good as this morning. Two more laps of Polar and I linked up with my buddy Rob for yet another run down Concussion which was still taking a great edge in the tight chutes. Polar Peak again and then this time Cougar Glades (still untracked in places if you looked hard enough) and Stag Leap (great skiing in tracked up powder).

Our quick White Pass loop was Knot Chutes (Tight Knot) which was taking a good edge and Surprise Trees which still had some great soft lines. So we came to Skydive and had a great rip top to bottom without stopping and then beers. It was 11 Polar Peaks, some great skiing on hard but edgeable  snow and even some quite challenging chutes - not a bad day's work - must dash.

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