Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 40 not much to say

Well, as anyone who knows me knows that it takes some very special conditions for me to have not much to say but today achieved this. The reason is that conditions were much the same as yesterday and we skied pretty much the same places so it's hard to find much to say other than read yesterday's blog.

We seem to be stuck in a rut at the moment where overnight temps drop to about -10 in the valley and a bit colder on top. During the day things warm up a little although today I noticed a temp of -11 mid morning at the Polar load with a ton of wind chill when you went up to the top. The weather is very overcast giving poor viz in White Pass and surrounding areas and we even had a little valley snow - most people can't work out how we are getting such low temps with such high humidity and not be getting snow - but we are not and nothing much is forecast until the weekend.

As you would expect the snow is much the same as yesterday - still rain crust where it hasn't been skied, broken crust which is ok in some areas and large amounts of skied in hard bumpy snow. We went to the New Side and found conditions pretty much identical to yesterday - hard and bumpy. Early morning we tried to scope out some intermediate ungroomed for our guests and found that Milky Way Trees and Currie Glades were about the best we could offer although these were all hard tracked up bumpy skiing with very little soft snow.

For the whole day we just looped the Currie/Big Three area and found the skiing tough but enjoyable -
Alpha Centauri - very nice mellow tracked in skiing all the way down.
Concussion the hard way - the tight chutes to skiers left were very sparse and you had to make some pretty big edge to edge jumps to get in but after that it was good broken crust.
Decline - still the best of the big 3 but you do have to pull off about 10 good old gorilla turns in the bottom crust to get out.
Polar Peak - only went up once today before they closed it and was told I was only the second guy up there. At the top you could see the blue ski and sun straight up but you were just a few metres short of breaking out of the top of the clouds. No viz but good wind sift on the way down.
Stag Leap - still rather crusty in the top and very crusty through the trees, good tough skiing.
Not so Secret Chutes - skiing very nicely in the top but crusty low down.
Easter bowl - chunky broken crust but ok skiing from top to bottom.
Decline - as before, if anything getting easier.
Skydive - for the first time this year I hit it top to bottom with no break which given the conditions was a very good shout. As always, great in the top and crusty in the bottom.
Stag Leap - as before
Skydive - tonight 4 of us turned up for a rip with gust snowboarder (Jesse) who is a blog reader - welcome to the Skydive club buddy. It skied pretty well as the traffic we have put in there over the past week improved the run.

And that was it - a case of same old, same old and it looks like it may be that way for a day or two yet. really keeping our fingers crossed for the forecast snow at the weekend.

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