Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day 27 happy new years eve to everyone

Before I start today I have to make further point of clarification. After I posted yesterday how the conditions on the hill were much better for groomer skiers than my reports might suggest I have been asked by a number of buddies if I had been leaned on to make that statement. I can honestly say that the things I said were entirely off my own bat and in the interests of being fair which you all know is something that is very important to me. Furthermore any attempt to influence my opinion would be greeted with my standard response to such actions, i.e. F- off. so I hope that deals with any such speculation.

It warmed a bit today but not much so it was -18 on the way to the hill and -17 on the way back. During the day it warmed a bit on the hill and I noticed at the Polar Peak load at about noon it was -15 so it stayed pretty cold all day. It was another bluebird Arctic outflow giving hard cold freezing conditions. Like all these "sunny" days the light was great in the sun but as soon as you got in the shadow you got defused white light which gave very patchy viz during the day.

Again because of the very cold conditions with a good chance of frost bite we divide our day into three with a choccy break around 11 and a late lunch -

Part 1 - we went to the Old Side and noticed that skiers right of Bear hadn't been groomed and as a result was bumped up with hard challenging bumps. We took about three runs down in a straight line which was enough to get us warm. The rest of the time we looped Cedar Ridge, Boom Ridge and Boomerang which were hard, bumpy and tricky. The only soft snow was in the lower part of Kangaroo which was super soft but very twiggy.

Part 2 - after the choccy break we headed up the New Side. Polar Peak was open and we hit it twice coming down through the clown chutes (Crusty's) which was actually very crusty. The skiing was pretty crap being very wind affected but the views were spectacular. By some phenomenon I don't fully understand we were looking at mirages and the surrounding mountains with inverted images of those mountains imposed on the real thing - just awesome.  It was then a loop through Decline and that followed by a loop through Cougar Glades/ Stag Leap which was hard bumpy cold snow and just like yesterday.

Part 3 - Lynda went home and I did three New Side loops. New Chute off Skydive/Spinal Tap which was very good hard chunky skiing and very technical in the lower creek bed. Decline/Window chutes great skiing on top and very good deep snow in the chute and a bit technical after the choke.

Last run was Skydive and as usual it was very good in the first two sections and twiggy low down. I even had company for the first time in days (thanks Kevin) and it was pretty good. The only downside was on the ski out at the end which I was taking at speed when I lost the light and hit some newly made snow and stacked it big big time. Worst crash in years and bruises everywhere but nothing that will slow down the skiing, I hope.

Beers to celebrated New Year and a hot tub to soak away the pain. Like many locals I avoid the public places on holidays because of the crowds and will have a quiet New Year, emerging from the shadows in a day or two.

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