Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 35 happy Hot Dog day

As I hinted at yesterday , today was Hot Dog day - the day we celebrate the dreadful 80's movie Hot Dog which is a mix of skiing and soft porn by dressing up in our 80's gear getting unbelievably drunk and doing stupid things all over the hill but particularly on Wallaby in the late afternoon. It is ironical that on the one day of the year when we might really need our helmets we leave them at home in the interest of historical accuracy.
Sitting here in an alcoholic haze it is difficult to piece together the day but here goes. We went to the hill in temps of -3 but it was a bluebird day so that temps warmed fast all day so the south facing slopes but stayed just about ok on the north facing. We went to the Old Side and drunk lots of Schnapps on the lift. I think Cedar Ridge was pretty soft.
We went to the New Side and drunk beer at the Lost Boys CafĂ©. Somehow we got a couple of loops in Polar Peak which was softening in the sun but not as quick as yesterday due to a cooling wind. After the loops I ran to base through High Saddle which skied ok in the chute and really well in the soft snow underneath. Lunch.
In the afternoon we went to Wallaby and did loops watching the big jumps and getting even more drunk while hanging out with buddies in the hot sun.
We came off the hill early and went to the Griz where we drank even more beer plus some shots and danced to great music. Now home and TCM have Lawrence of Arabia on (one of my favourite movies) so a quiet night in until I fall asleep - not a great report but you were warned.


  1. Great report Bill, sounded like a perfect day, albeit the lack of powder. But hey we can't have it all.
    Another year has passed for me that I have not managed a trip across the pond, the pad must be getting dusty now! Next year for sure.

    Good to read your reports over the last few weeks, and even more great news to hear you and Linda made it and that she is fit and well.

    Will continue reading with great envy, interest and smiles.

    Hope to say hi next year!

  2. Thanks - hope to see you next year