Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 30 more good stuff

No time today to get involved in my usual jokes or rants against people commenting on my skiing or my pet hate of skiers/riders who treat cat tracks like terrain parks. I am out tonight for a meal with my good buddies Ruth and Dan so I have to get this blog done pretty fast which means keeping it short and to the point.
It was cold overnight and -6 on the way to the hill. It had snowed overnight and just looked like dust on crust although the official figure was 7 cms of fresh. Interestingly they claimed 14 cms in the last 48 hours which considering that they had claimed zero in the previous 24 hours has to leave the mathematicians among you scratching your heads.
We arrived at the hill and found that maybe the 7 cm figure was if anything an understatement. Better still it snowed quite hard all over the hill all morning and fell back to flurries in the afternoon. The temps stayed well below zero and the result was that the crunch line which was pretty low down the hill anyway got filled in and the conditions were really winter rather than spring skiing. As we drove away from the hill temps had risen to +2 but the precip was back big time as rain but looking up at the hill the rain line stopped around the top on Elk and you have to guess that with night coming on it is going to be down to base sometime soon.
We went to the Old Side and did several loops off Cedar Ridge all of which were great soft snow getting deeper all the time with just a few crunchy turns on the exit. Kangaroo was ok in the first section and rather hard on the second - we used it each time to drop from Haul Back top to Boom base. We also had a couple of runs through Boom which were always soft down to the Goat Trail and probably below that - great skiing. Eventually we decided to go to the New Side and I struggled through Lift Line and Big Bang on the way to White Pass base although it felt more like high speed rips under control to me.
Polar Peak was closed so I hit out to High Saddle which like yesterday was skiing perfectly with edge to edge jumps and was virtually untracked in the face below. The exit through lower Easter Bowl was great soft lightly tracked snow. This was so good that I repeated it and found it just as good the second lap as the first. Last lap before lunch I used logic to work out that if lower Easter was pretty good the Easter from the top would be fantastic - I was right. Lynda joined me for a great deep powder rip all the way down Easter Bowl.
In the afternoon I traded in my old Shoguns that I had been skiing on all morning for the DPS Wailers and things moved up a gear - also met some bad characters who I ski with and things started to get really good. We drifted out to the Decline/Secret chutes area and had great rips all afternoon in there and Spinal Tap and Window Chutes, and other assorted areas off the north facing shoulder which by now were starting to get pretty deep with face shots on every turn.
We managed a White Pass rip to kill time before heading out to the top of Skydive for the traditional last blast non stop from top to bottom.  There were 8 of us up there which was a record for this year and we had a great rip through soft bumps at the top, awesome powder in the mid section and some soft snow on firm crud for the final pitch. A great final rip which I managed to struggle down just ahead of the other guys although I must make it clear, this is not a race.
Rain in the valley at the moment which I hope is snow on the hill and good sign for tomorrow.

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